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River Mill Restaurant

This restaurant is just beginning it's 18th year with the current owners. That says a lot in this fickle industry. This owner-operated restaurant is located along the Cataraqui River - beautiful for a stroll before or after dinner in the warmer weather. For a special dinner this is the place to go. Table-side caesar salads (dinner-only), lobster, duck, bison, beef tenderloin and selected vegetarian fare are wonderful. I highly recommend this restaurant - the venue and service are wonderful.

By: Xani

River Mill Restaurant

Kingston, ON



i checked out their website and it really looks like a lovely place for a romantic getaway!! .. would you recomend to go check it out in winter? is it nice there in this time of the year?


You should post some pics... sounds great.. or even a link to their site would be nice.

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