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Goodlife Problems.

I am having an issue.
After being laidoff for my job..
I knew i didnt have enough money. was working 2 jobs to try to adjust. Still didnt have time to go to goodlife. even though i paid them for six months without using any club.
I went in to try and cancel. Didnt have 99$
Honestly. Was a horrible mistake.
Going to work out with their club.

This so Far still isnt my problem with them. All was to be expected.
So after I put my Account on Hold. in order to postpone my payments for 6 months. I was informed. that i would have to pay one more payment for the next week. because it was already halfway through the bi-weekly scheduled payment. I agreed.
Had to pay the 40$ NSF fee for bank.

Last week. (One week after last payment for hold) I was charged 4 times from Goodlife. My acount was already In the negative balance.
Then I was charged 180$ NSF Charges from my bank for the 4 seperate charges from Goodlife.. I was broke before putting my...

By: Wraist

GoodLife Fitness Club

London, ON