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Spring Rolls On Eglinton

The restaurant has a great reputation and I have been pleased with their food before but Today, (Jan 042009) it was horrible, the worst and I mean the worst food I ever had, and pn the top of that I compliant with the waitress and she called the Manager Albin or smething and I told him that I was ready for the check I did not wanna discount or nothing all I wanted is to paid and lead and this was so rude to say that he tated the food an there is nothing worng with it, and he said I can give u a discount and I told him no need for a discount but dont lie.

Now this restarant is dead to me, the food is horrible overcooked and just terrible

if you ever go there make sure the food is fresh or complaint right away.

By the way there are so many great Thai places in Toronto that you wont miss this one.

By: Worldtravel

Spring Rolls Restaurant

Toronto, ON