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Buyer Beware

Be careful. I majorly over paid (local comparison) for a pair of prescription sunglasses. After about a month of owning the glasses and dealing with the lenses continually popping out, I returned to Oakley Optical on Kenaston to make a warranty claim. I was very quickly told that this is physical damage, and was not to be covered. I argued that it was not physical damage as the glasses aesthetically were still in excellent shape. There were no signs of the glasses being dropped or abused in anyway. They maintained their position and were unwilling to warranty them.

Fast forward a year later. I returned to Oakley Optical to get a copy of my file with my prescription specifics (measurements, strength etc) after previously paying in full for their exam. They would not release to me my information without paying them $50.00. To avoid any further conflict and simply be done with this company, I paid the fee.

There are many other reputable places out there that value their customers and are not so one sided. I would suggest taking your business elsewhere to avoid these types of hassles.

By: Winnipegconsumer

Oakley Optical Ltd

Winnipeg, MB