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Roti baby!

My family is from Barbados so the food is familiar. Unfortunately since my grand mothers passing the link is somewhat cut. I must admit I have never eaten in the restaurant portion but since the renovation am planning on it. I normally just stop by to pick up a roti for home and every time I think of my grand mother. Perhaps I'm jaded because of the sentimental but I assure you those that I have introduced were quite happy I had done so.

By: Weedmansucks

Mugena African Caribbean Foods

Ottawa, ON

Weedman is like VD the service was ok...

I finally have your call center off my back. It took from the polite "no thank you" to the polite "no thank you do not call back" to the escalating yelling on the phone. 2 years of no thank you's is enough don't you think? I complained, I spoke to supervisors all to no avail. Finally I am free.

People if you have had Weedman service or are with there services note that the phone calls during the week that hang up when you answer are there test calls. This is true when after a week or two you get someone at the other end that starts the weedman speel and it's from a similar number. Google the number and you will find the same answer I provide you here.

The web is full of complaints about Weedman's billing for unauthorized services to there illustrious call center. The call center will try to up-sell current customers and bring back old ones, unfortunately they never seem to get the message. the worst was 5 calls in a month (a year and a half after canceling).

Never again!

30$ for a spreader at Home Depot and 15-45$ a bag of fertilizer spread twice a year. Consider the savings!

By: Weedmansucks

Weed Man

Ottawa, ON