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Always a great experience

Bought a Garneau road bike from sporting life a couple months back and have loved every second of it.

A couple weeks ago I popped a tire on a pothole. Brought it in, they took it downstairs, and in 10 minutes I was riding again. Paid for the tire, but didn't have to pay for service 'cause I bought the bike there.

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend!

By: Tyler

Sporting Life Bikes & Boards

Toronto, ON

Just meh...

Save yourself some time and use their online store.

I went looking for a 5-bay eSATA drive enclosure and a motherboard that would support such a thing. Online? Plenty! In store? None!

If you're like me and are kind of wary about buying things online, maybe you'd better go to Canada Computers instead. The ability to check stock and not waste your time is priceless.

By: Tyler

Tiger direct

Etobicoke, ON

Might have found a new place for the...

I have to say, it takes courage to open up a coffee shop *directly* across the street from a Second Cup. You have to offer something special.

The Mad Bean delivered.

I was offered little samples of the dark and medium roast - I kind of glazed over at decaf, as it was far too early in the morning to NOT want caffeine. Anyway, both samples were quite good, and I decided to go for the medium blend.

This is definitely a place where they care about the coffee they produce and the atmosphere surrounding it.

By: Tyler

The Mad Bean

Toronto, ON

Go for the chicken...

You know, for a cookhouse, you'd think their steak would be up to par. Not so much.

I asked for a medium rare 8oz centre-cut sirloin.
I got a medium-done piece of leather.

The baked potato came with far too little sour cream, but it wasn't dry enough to need it - so that's kind of a plus.

My lady's mediterranean goat cheese chicken was tender and tasty - she enjoyed it.

For dessert we split a tortilla cheesecake thing. It was absolutely delicious, but incredibly difficult to cut without smooshing it everywhere. That's part of the fun, though.

After all that, a beer, 2 glasses of wine, and tip, it all came out to about $80. For me, that's a bit expensive - but if their steak was worth the nearly $20 I paid for it I'd have been a bit more comfortable with the bill.

By: Tyler

Montana's Cookhouse

Etobicoke, ON



oh my...they messed up your steak? I can't even eat a steak that is over cooked..it's so gross


I always have the same experience with Montana's... They over/under cook food and its never really that great. For $80 - $100 you could have gone to Baton Rouge or the Keg and had a delicious steak cooked right. On the weekend the Fiance went to the Montana's downtown and they wouldn't let his friend in cause he had ripped jeans on, the stylish ones from Guess too. They don't want customers apparently.

Great Sushi Place!

I went to Gallery Sushi last night with a friend and I have to say, it was great!

We ordered 3 rolls:
Cinderella Roll
Crunchy Roll
Salmon Lover's Roll

My absolute favourite was the "Crunchy Roll". It was tempura veggies and shrimp rolled and cut, then topped with tempura batter flakey stuff. Over that was some sort of sweet teriyaki sauce. Just delicious. I highly recommend this roll.

The "Salmon Lover's Roll" was a spicy salmon roll with salmon on top. Not exactly revolutionary, but it was spicy enough and salmon-y enough.

The "Cinderella Roll" was asparagus tempura, avacado, and some other stuff - once again topped with salmon. It was a good middle of the road between crunch and spice, but keeping the salmon taste.

The miso soup was creamy - which I liked, but my friend didn't. Oh well, more for me.

I highly recommend this place and will definitely be visiting again. Service was quick and professional, tea was served hot - but not scalding, and the food was great.

By: Tyler

Gallery Sushi

Toronto, ON



creamy miso??? that sounds unusual..


Well, it wasn't like - milky. It was just...not as watery? I don't know how to describe it. lol

Great pub food

After a long evening of painting our new place, sarah and I decided to check out Orwell's. We'd heard it was good from brian, but I was blown away by their "Full Burger".

Two thick patties of meat, with REAL melted cheddar, fried mushrooms, onions, lettuce, tomato, and topped with some very deliciously chewy (but not rubber) bacon.

After a long day, that and a Guinness made my night.

The interior was pretty cozy, but my only complaint is that they don't have anything but stools to sit on. After a while on a stool the slouching hurts a bit :P.

The staff was very friendly and didn't interrupt us except to fill my glass when she noticed it was empty.

Overall, a good time :D

By: Tyler

Orwell's Restaurant

Etobicoke, ON



I suppose we should hurry up and set Brian up with an account already. He could review alot of places!

I will agree with tyler though, the place was really nice, though next time I will opt for something else to eat. That burger really looked tasty, but I wasnt too fond of the meat pie.

Just another video store

This location doesn't offer much. They have new releases most of the time, but what I'm really looking for is Wii games. They're really lacking in the video game department.

I can understand not having games for my DS, as they could "go missing" pretty easily ;), but COME ON. The more popular games for Wii (excite truck, mario party 8, etc) are always out, as if they only have one copy and the little f***er who took it out has never brought it back. Not to mention they don't even stock some games.

*sigh* just another video store.

By: Tyler

Blockbuster Video - STORES CLOSING!

Etobicoke, ON



Blockbuster selections really do vary from store to store. The location near my home is way better for games, but the location near my work is better for movies - especially older ones.


i don't know much about game selection, but i know if you want to get any new release to watch on the weekend, its smart to go in thursday nights. you get the movies that just came out that week, and you also beat the weekend-movie rush.

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A good lunch

laurent, deanna, sarah, adru and I went to Tokyo Sushi for lunch.

It was a deviation from our regular sushi lunch, but I was glad we went. The food was fresh and the tea was free. I had the chicken teriyaki sushi lunch (First image) The sushi had a modest amount of fish, and a small amount of rice. Just the way I like it.

Only 3 of the 5 lunches specified that the came with miso soup, but they were generous and all of us had the delicious soup. They also gave us three small plates of appetizers (Image 2) before the meal and a plate of spicy 8 spicy tuna rolls half way though. (Image 3) There were very generous!

Overall it was a very tasty lunch and the staff was very kind and unobtrusive.

By: Tyler

Tokyo Sushi

Folsom, CA



By the sounds of it I should have gone. Dam me and my leftovers. I think the best sounding thing is the larger portions :)


OK....I am for sure in the next time you go. Looks very tasty!

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I loved it!

Cozy Thai is one of the best restaurants around.

I had the Thai BBQ Beef and it was AMAZING. The meat and vegetables are all local and prepared for you. Nothing is pre-cooked.

sarah had the Wonton Pad Thai, which had the same great taste as their regular pad thai, but the noodles were replaced with crunchy wonton noodles.

For dessert we had the Apple Fried Fresh Fruit with a scoop of coconut ice cream. Very sweet and very tasty.

By: Tyler

Cozy Thai

Etobicoke, ON



Cozy Thai sounds so good.

We should take the whole office there!


heart-shaped rice!