StephenRil's Reviews

Thanks for the nice job

Before we moved we heard so many bad stories about different moving companies we were ready to forget the whole thing. But very soon we got some advice about the Two Small Men Clagary and decided to go with that choice. The guys went beyond all expectations and really helped us lots of fun with the move. We actually had a good time, and would do it again if we had to ))) thanks for the nice job and all the tips you gave us.

By: StephenRil

Total Service Moving / TSM Moving

Calgary, AB

Great Company

This company is just great. I have been moving since I got my first job – something I do often ))) and I can tell you they know what they are doing. From the packing, to the logistics, to the timing – everything was impeccable. The service is really professional and there is real attention for the client. I will hire them again – and I will, my next move is coming up soon )))

By: StephenRil

Bill & Ben The Mighty Moving Men

Edmonton, AB