Shotton's Reviews

Don't let the cover fool you

Best East Indian food east of Toronto! Very good selection of items on menu which are prepared and delivered to the table in top condition. Tables are a bit small and can be very busy in there around supper time. The outside of the restaurant doesn't do justice to the high quality of food and service that is found inside. Come early and enjoy the richly spiced delights of the east.

By: Shotton

Mount Everest Indian Cuisine

Ajax, ON

Could it be Butter?

Very good place to dine based on food and service. Excellent food quality. Timely and mature service.
Only problem is decor on west side of restaurant. Looks lie the place has 2 owners that couldn't agree on the inside of the place. East side is restaurant 1980. West side is rescued barn 1930. Suggest they repair the west side and split the difference to make it look likely 1955.
Very tasty!

By: Shotton

Buttermilk Cafe

Cobourg, ON

Chicken on the run

Good location, bad parking, nice furniture (recently redone), quick service. Chicken sandwiches excellent to conquer those logey times. Will clean you out for sure. Good to know that someone is keeping the threatened species salmonella bacillus alive. Didn't try beef sandwich in care the cow is as mad as I was after taking all those trips to the bathroom on acount of the chicken burger.Moderate restaurant if you're going for the furniture; otherwise don't make the trip!

By: Shotton


Bowmanville, ON



HAHA! Great review!

btw, I deleted the listing for that chinese restaurant in Cobourg. Thanks for keeping n49 up-to-date.