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Those people are just plain incompetent and do not know the meaning of customer service. I had a voucher for the manicure/ pedicure and microdermabraison and I booked online as per their requirements and I phoned a week before to confirm my appt but you know what? I got there only to find that there was no booking on my name. Worse thing is I took a day off to go there. So I wasted my TIME and MONEY.

I had the proof on email sent by their online system but they said that the online booking is not reliable. Well, when i phoned, they told me that the booking HAD to be done online. The manager offered no solution whatsoever and she acknowledges that people are pissed at their service.

Well I hope everybody spreads the word about their LAME service.

By: Sandyye

Zeneba Academy of Esthetics

Calgary, AB


By: SUCH75

If you don't like it than go pay top dollar some where else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE STUDENTS


It is the owner and yourself (you might be the same person in fact) that are just lame. Look at how many people are complaining and you are the only one to defend it. Feels good to be alone hey. That is how Zeneba and its other nicknames it adopts will be in the future.

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