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wonderful care

Dr. Maria Pineda Is one of the most professional, compassionate, eye Doctors I have known . She cares about each patient that walks in her doors . she is a woman of honour, and great integrity and she has helped many out in a time of difficulty . every client she treats with respect regardless of their situation in life. some may say there is a wait in the waiting room . that is why it is called a waiting room.. . yes as she states each person is given the time needed as deemed based on her assessment .. people complain about Dr's not taking time with their patients .. this place is different as you will find out when you arrive that the wait is worth it . Dr. Maria and her team are there to make each person feel valued and heard . this is not only a business but a place of care .. I have enjoyed meeting knowing Dr. Maria Pineda she is wonderful and I highly recommend her to any one who is looking for a Dr. who cares .

By: Rose4you

Pineda, Maria OD

Mississauga, ON