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do not use them

I am a truck driver that did move furniture when I was younger . My experience was bad in my opinion they are not movers but 5 years girls that can not do a man job. My driver try to find any excuses not to do anything I know I was the mover and was helping on many moves with different company's and this is the worst one. the packing is not good try too fill boxes to full and to heavy. They did not wrap items individually with paper inside the boxes that will cause damage and breakage insides the boxes. They are not professional movers when they unladed they did care where they put stuff just wanted to get the truck empty and leave. They left me with a big mess that toke me many hours strait out. I call the head office but no help to get the driver to help me get things clean up. Trillium just want your money and do the bear minimum for it

By: Phidelka1

Trillium Moving & Storage Services

Mississauga, ON