PeterC's Reviews


I was a loyal customer of Carling animal hospital for many years. I found that they often recommended unnecessary test and procedures. It got to the point where I wasn't sure if I was doing right by my beloved pet. We moved on, and our dog is happily under the care of another vet. I have total confidence in my new vet.

By: PeterC

Carling Animal Hospital

Ottawa, ON




I sincerely regret that, after being a client for many years, you started to wonder whether our treatment recommendations were appropriate for your pet. While we would never recommend unnecessary care, it would seem that the Doctor failed to properly explain the purpose or benefit of the treatment they were suggesting. For this I apologize, as it is our role to explain the basis of any recommended treatment such that our clients can then decide whether they wish to proceed. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further. Thank-you, Jim Jamer (Administrator).