Patrica's Reviews

Poor workmanship/Management

Please note that the receptionist at this location is amazing, friendly, happy and very easy going. Along with the 3 tow truck drivers I spoke too and dealt with. Patrick has been wonderful thorough this whole thing! Now on the other hand, the manager Serge should be ashamed and embarrassed of himself too even think or consider he would get away with this! He should run like a dog with its tail between its legs!'
This has been my 2nd time at this body shop in a year and the manager Serge is such a ignorant/sly/shady/rude/dishonest person too the paying customer and the insurance company. What i mean by this is he was charging the insurance for work suppose too be done and not completed. He is the worst business manager ever and this is not the business for him too be in if he can not do the job properly or check too make sure the work is done right before you call the customer back! Serge does not deserve too even have a job here after what he did too me! You can cut the...

By: Patrica

GTA Collision Centre

Etobicoke, ON