OwenLee's Reviews

Great vet clinic!

Once we were walking in the park and my dachshund got a tick. In fact, I didn’t notice it before we came home. At that moment the tick was deep inside his skin. I knew that I couldn’t do anything so I took my dog to Smith Veterinary Hospital. The vets did everything very fast and carefully. My dog didn't even have time to get scared. Thank you very much for your professionalism!

By: OwenLee

Smith Veterinary Hospital

Thornhill, ON

Easy Office Move

I hired Alberta Movers to help me relocate my office to a new location. I had some expensive and fragile equipment to move, so was a little concerned about its safety. But movers did their job brilliantly! No scratches, no damage, no dirt. I'm more than satisfied with the level of service. You guys are highly recommended!

By: OwenLee

Alberta Movers

Edmonton, AB