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How are they still in business???

Very likely the WORST excuse for a cleaning slash maid service in all of Alberta. Perhaps anywhere in the country. My wife and I should've believed the reviews that gave this 'company' one or zero stars. But, we like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and judge for ourselves. As others have written about Able Maids (what a misnomer that is!!!), don't ever, ever, ever hire this outfit. And by all means if you're silly enough to leave something - anything - of value lying around, it won't be there when you return home. Guaranteed. As another reviewer wrote a few months ago, they lost something while the Able Maids team was allegedly cleaning. Kerry - the incompetent owner slash manager slash operator of this 'business' - said it was his customer's fault, that they'd misplaced the item. Funny...we had the same thing happen. We, mistakenly, left something of monetary and more importantly sentimental value out while the three...

By: Number12Fan

Able Maids Ltd

Edmonton, AB