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Fabulous local restaurant

We were out on a walk in the neighborhood one day and notice this charming little restaurant tucked away in this small plaza. Always open to new places, we made a reservation for the next evening.
When we arrived, the decor was simple but elegant, the staff were very attentive and accommodating.
After we ordered, we were pleasantly surprised that they had a jazz saxophone player for our entertainment (well maybe not just for us).
The food was exceptional and the service outstanding. We had a wonderful night and I think this find of ours will not stay a secret for very long.
Thanks for the fantastic experience Mideastro!

By: NicePeople


Thornhill, ON

Fantastic evening at Stonefire

This was our first time trying this local restaurant. We had not read any reviews before going so we did not have any expectations. When we came home, after having such a good time, we decided to post a review and when we saw some of the other reviews, we felt that those who wrote the reviews should stick to providing more constructive feedback than providing personal attacks on the staff.
Upon our first entering, the decor was impressive. It had a very downtown fine dining feel to it. Even the design of the menus matching the interior design was a nice touch to the details paid to the surroundings.
Arriving at 9:00pm, we requested a booth for the two of us and got what we wanted right away.
The menu was interesting and everything looked tempting. Our server was very courteous, patient and attentive. We did not have to wait long for our food and it was all delicious.
The dessert was especially good in that we wanted crepes but were warned that the...

By: NicePeople

Stonefire Bar & Grill

Thornhill, ON