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Warranty is useless and floor is crap!

subsequently shown scratches and the separation of the top urethane layer in the floor. These scratches are superficial and caused due to the soft finishing layer of the floor. The coating appears to be separating in places where the planks have not been exposed to water, contrary to Vintages findings.

The warranty was declined based on the company's assumption that the humidity in the house was below the suggested levels, even though low levels in the flooring was detected a year ago but still within their suggested range.

The company sent an inspector to look at the floors on two occasions during the two year dispute. In both cases, the inspector ended up being the salesman and had biased opinions about the humidity levels in the house even before measuring them. It was evident that his findings were going to be to decline the warranty due to humidity levels.
As homeowners we were not sure whether to install this type of exotic floor because of...

By: Ncdavies

Vintage Hardwood Flooring

Etobicoke, ON

Horrible after-sale service

Unfortunately we bought over 1600 square feet of exotic wood from the Floor Show. The flooring is Brazilian cherry which was sold to us here in Winnipeg and manufactured by Vintage Flooring in Toronto.

The floor has stress cracks and scuffs everywhere. The 25 year warranty was declined by Vintage since they assumed the winters have been too harsh in Winnipeg lately. If this is true, why does the Floor Show sell these products here after reassuring us that having a humidifier would suffice. They just wanted our money.

It had been over three years since we have been requesting our floors be fixed to no avail. Both The Floor Show and Vintage have postponed and blamed me for the bad quality of floor that they sold. It had been an awful experience and I warn you to stay away from these companies that sell you what appears to be a great product and then run away after they make the sale and cash your cheque.

By: Ncdavies

The Floor Show

Regina, SK