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Rude owner

The owner was very rude to us, friend of ours went to ask for some napkins and the owner told her he didn't approve this birthday party so your on your own. we tried to explain when we called to book the lane we asked if we can bring a cake because it was our daughters birthday they said sure as long as its just a cake and no other outside food . but the owner didn't even let my friend explain the story just said next time go to Mc Donald's
We were the only ones there on a Friday night, so the place must not be that popular anyway
we will not be returning there!

By: Mel07

Roxy Lanes

Winnipeg, MB



It is to bad that people like these people have no life because they bitch about everything, if you wanted to bring your cake in then purchase a birthday party package . If you had any professionalism in you which you don't you could of come down and talked about it, we DO NOT allow no other food in our business unless you purchase a birthday party package which you did not why because your cheap and expect everything for nothing, so go to MacDonald and bring your cake there and see what they will tell you. And people like yous we don't want in our business anyway because you have no life, your cheap and you do not respect businesses policies. Can"t fix stupid people