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Snuggles the cat

I took my son`s cat Snuggles to Marina Animal Hospital because the cat was so sick that wasn't moving, not going to his litter box and didn't have appetite to eat. I thought the cat was not going to make it, so I was expecting the worst to come, my son was so sad to see his cat is not playing as usual and just staying in one spot of the house and not moving. Dr. Ghazi examined Snuggles and noticed that Snuggles legs and back are injured and he has trauma, and for that reason Snuggles doesn't want to move.
Dr. Ghazi gave Snuggles a needle and told us to keep an eye on the cat until Monday, and if no improvement then we have to bring him back for more examinations. We left the hospital around 12 noon
and by 4pm Snuggles started walking, he went to the litter box and asked for food, he ate then went back to the same spot where he sleeps, we were so happy to notice that improvement , and when we woke up Sunday morning on Snuggles asking for food again and he was...

By: Mazin1964

Marina Animal Hospital

Etobicoke, ON