Maris's Reviews

They lost 4 boxes - Don't use them

Everything was great until my boxes were delivered and 4 boxes were missing. Instead of taking care of this immediately and finding them I was told "Also are you sure that 4 boxes are missing? We don't have the same count. As you also noted some stickers fell off however the items arrived." and "Also have you opened everything already and checked everything?". I had taken pictures of everything and counted every box and I knew exactly what was missing.

2 months later they have still done nothing and they don't keep in contact with me, I have to keep asking them for an update. Terrible customer service as soon as something went wrong. Also they banged up my furniture and bike. They won't deliver your stuff until you pay so basically once you have paid there is nothing you can do.

They have lost my photographs and personal art and they don't seem to care to do anything about it.

By: Maris

Armour Van Lines

Toronto, ON