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Excellent Business Cards

A few months ago I decided to go into my own business, and despite living in the age of the internet, business cards are still a vital part of getting your brand out there.

I shopped around to see where I could get the best bang for my buck, I was looking for the right combination of affordable and quality. I ordered business cards originally from another company that charged a lot and promised premium quality, but the cards were hideous and printed on very flimsy paper. I continued to look around and tried out a few other companies, but still couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.

2 weeks ago I came across eprintfast and really loved it. I ordered a few different varieties that I thought would give the perfect impression, and when I finally got them I saw what I had in mind but couldn’t fully articulate. What was most surprising is that this company charges substantially less for their product, yet it’s obvious from just looking at the cards that they are...

By: KevinWidner


Toronto, ON