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Door of many uses

Every fall I bring a lot of seasonal items into the garage . With my old garage door ,the mice would find their way in . With that big opening with the door open. Now with the Walkthru Door the opening Has a sill plate and is not this huge open entrance inviting every rodent in the garage every fall. The thought of giving up wall space for a man door was out of the question. this door solves that problem. It makes easy access to my backyard all year. My wife feeds the birds and keeps all her bird seed in the garage .So she fills her containers with seed and now goes thru the Walkthru Garage door to the backyard instead of halling all her containers of seed thru the house to the sliding glass door to go to the backyard . The build quality is A1 and the R value is higher than most walls. I love My Knew Walkthru Door. Wish II had it years ago.

By: Ken51

WalkThru Garage Doors Inc.

Tecumseh, ON