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Never had an issue

I am currently and have been a tenant of Kevins for 4 or 5 years now and I have never had any problem's with kevin at all. Im surprised to read some of the reviews on here, as the picture being painted is not the person I know whatsoever.
Kevin has always seen to any problems I've had in a very timely manor, and when I went overseas for a few weeks even had a complete reno of our bathroom completed by the time we got back.
I've never felt abused or threatened by Kevin at all, and in fact its been a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other landlords that I've had to deal with in the past.
I've read that he's threatened to call the dog pound on his former tenants, which surprises me as when I moved into my latest place he waived the pet allowance deposit for a month till I could get my finances in order.
All in all, I've had nothing but a pleasant experience with him, as long as you follow the contract that you sign, and pay your...

By: Kelownian

Kevin Cheale Remax Property Management

Kelowna, BC