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The consultants were all sweethearts.
I had a coworker that joined Toronto Matchmakers last year and she is happy as ever and referred me to personally see Linda at the Mississauga office. I believe that creating a healthy relationship takes time, it is not to be rushed as this whole company takes their time to fine tune my dating habbits and preferences in a man.

Their traditional method of finding your soul mate was what I found most amusing. Never would've thought love takes art and science. I was accepted to be a client in their service and is now seeing someone special. . My heart was broken before many times and trusting someone is not something I take casually. When the matchmakers introduced me to Jon he gave me the greatest gift of all, being able to trust. Not only myself but other people, I'm finally okay. I am still learning more about myself and he is patient with me. Strange that I could see forever with him. I read so many reviews of people...

By: JulieJones61

Toronto Matchmakers

Mississauga, ON