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Very Happy With The Final Product

Five years ago, a good friend's nine year old son took a walk around the 95 year old duplex we had just bought and said, So you bought yourself a fixer upper. Our hearts skipped a beat as the truth of his words sunk in with the realization that we had a lot of work to do. Last winter, after meeting with several prospective design/build contractors, we chose Oakwood to convert our three story duplex into a single family home. Knowing we were on a tight budget, Oakwood identified pieces of work that we could do ourselves like gutting. Gutting the house exposed a number of unexpected structural issues. Oakwood addressed them while keeping close to budget. The rest of the work consisted of framing, installing a new sub-floor, leveling an existing floor, insulating, running new electrical and plumbing, installing new ceramic and hardwood flooring, installing a new kitchen, and relocating bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room. When things did not go according to plan, which is...

By: JimDollinger

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