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Unprofessional & Dis-organized

I bought 2 vouchers for 10 Massage treatments for $99 last June 23, 2011 through Dealfind. I booked an appointment for myself and my husband and the earliest they had available was on July 22, Friday at 11AM. I got a call on the day of the appointment, about 1-2 hours before the scheduled massage from a lady apologizing that they have to cancel our appointment and so with other clients because they didn't have enough staff (2 did not show up). We were disappointed but we understood their situation so we agreed to re-book. The lady booked us for August 2 at noon. She promised that our appointment will not be cancelled again. We drove for 30 minutes to their office on August 2. The receptionist checked our names and said proceed to the 3rd floor. We went there only to be told by what appeared to be the supervisor (very rude) that our names were not on her list and there is no way that she can book us in because she didn't have enough staff. She said some students did not show...

By: JessicaT

Zeneba Academy of Esthetics

Calgary, AB



I got a refund back on my credit card for the 10- 60min massage package I bought.

Dealfind is also working on giving me a credit for the 24 Manicure-24 Pedicure package. For this one though, they offered to give me DealFind Dollars credit on my Dealfind account (instead of crediting my credit card back) which I don't mind since I still buy good deals from other companies through them. They probably are getting a lot of refund request from this vendor.

I saw today, Sept 28, 2011, another deal from Zenaba through Dealfind. I don't understand why Dealfind will still offer deals from Zeneba Academy of Esthetics. This company should be banned after getting all these awful reviews. I know that Zeneba operates under a different company name, too - RIVAGE MEDI SPA.