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TerraCorp: Shiny on the surface but...

I've lived in various apartments for over twenty years, and renting with TerraCorp was by far the worst. I live in the building at 403 Stirling Ave. S in Kitchener (Stirling Place) and here is a brief summary of my experience:

1) The building is infested with cockroaches.

2) Maintenance requests are simply ignored. We have repeatedly contacted the landlord and property manager about our broken fridge. It has been ten months since we alerted them to the problem and no one has come to inspect let alone replace it. They are aware we have an infant but simply don't care.

3) When you contact the landlord or property manager, they will tell you it will be taken care of to get you off the phone, but never actually do the work.

4) The elevator is a major safety hazard. The door closes too quickly and doesn't stop when it encounters resistance. Our dog suffered an injury that cost us $700 in surgery, and our son's hand was recently...

By: Hythlodaeus

Terra Corp Management Inc

London, ON