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Very Impressive

I would like to say I wasn't sure what was going to be performed for the duct cleaning because I was not choosing the traditional way with the truck that normally arrives at your house. The Go Green Team was friendly, knowledgeable and very comprehensive with every attention to detail. I have had the duct work cleaned previously from other companies but no one has provided the service level where they removed and meticulously wash and clean each cold air return, hot air-vent, bathroom fan covers, the fan area as well and reinstall all covers. You could definitely hear the items moving in the duct work as the cleaning process took place. They extensively cleaned the furnace completely inside in like new condition once completed and detail to any possible internal components that may need attention for example replacing the flame sensor. The Team also cleans the dryer for any lint and assures the airflow is proper after the process. Once the entire duct cleaning is completed it is...

By: GreenD


Saskatoon, SK