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Jerome and Lloyd

Jerome and Lloyd delivered furniture this morning, I was approaching the building with my 7 year old grandson, Lucas when the truck pulled out. The man came out of the truck and said hello to Lucas. Lucas and I had just come from a game of tennis and Lucas was carrying the rackets. Jerome introduced himself and talked to Lucas about tennis. Then, he proceeded to go into the truck and he gave Lucas 3 tennis balls. The child was so happy, hugged Jerome and thanked him. I was so appreciative of this act of kindness. We went into my condo and Lucas asked if we could give Jerome the banana bread that I had made for him. We wrapped it up and found Jerome. At this time, we met Lloyd who was an equally wonderful person and also kind to the child. We all hugged and off they went to their next delivery. In this world of turmoil, it warmed my heart to have met two such wonderful people. Lucas said, "Other than my family, they are the two nicest men in the whole world."
Please, ensure that management reads this and let's Jerome and Lloyd know that they made a littlle boy and his grandmother happy.
May God bless these wonderful men,

By: Elenka

Arrow Furniture

North York, ON