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Great for Owners & Good Tenants

I am a realtor in Kelowna and I have had first hand experience with Kevin & Kristina. I referred a client investor to them to manage their duplex and I wouldn't hesitate to send any of my investors to them. They treated my clients with total professionalism and respect right from the beginning. Their job is to manage their property and protect their investment. He has 100% done that. Good tenants will have no problems or complaints with Kevin. It is very important to realize that a big part of Kevin's job is to enforce the tenancy contract on the owners behalf. That is what he is paid to do. If a tenant pays the rent according to the contract and follows the laws regarding noise etc, they will have a good relationship with Kevin. If they don't fulfill their obligations under the tenancy lease, Kevin will take the steps necessary to resolve the problem at his clients direction. It is very difficult to evict a tenant. There has to be clear cause and this usually...

By: Drive4show

Kevin Cheale Remax Property Management

Kelowna, BC