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A Night Club For Those With Elite Taste

This is London is a night club located in the heart of the club district in downtown Toronto. However, this establishment has a few neat twists that sets is apart from every other club on Richmond Street.

Upon entering the club by walking down a red carpet, you find yourself on the second floor of the club which has a bar and numerous different booths for people who choose to pay extra for seating and bottle service. Some booths are a little more private and off to the side by the wall with leather couches. Others are in the centre of the floor which are more in the public zone. There are also various individual couches around this floor of the club for people to sit in.

If one ventures downstairs, there is another bar as well as a giant dance floor. The type of music various based on the day but in general, r&b, top 40, and rock is the music of choice. They also tend to throw in a little old school now and again. On the same floor is a heated...

By: DanaM

This Is London

Toronto, ON


By: ERIN23

looks like you had a great time! i definitely wanna check this place out!


This place looks really great. I love the Brazilian entertainers. It's a great idea. I think I'll go just to check out the washrooms. Great Review!

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