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When the plumber showed up he didn't have the tools for the job so apparently he went off and rented what he needed and billed us an additional $100 for the tool rental. If you are not equipped to do the job - DON'T ACCEPT IT! The least he should have done was asked us if we were ok with it. We would have found another contractor.


Lampert Plumbing

North York, ON



We've been in business for over 80 years & have always maintained the attitude of total customer satisfaction. I don't recall this incident & we'd never charge for a tool rental unless it was something very odscure that was needed to complete an awkward job. If you contact me, I'd be pleased to give you a $100.00 credit towards any future work you may require. We've always been very receptive to customer complaints & issues & I'm sorry for any dissatisfaction this situation caused you. Arthur