ClarenceK's Reviews

Far from Friendly service

The move started off fairly well. The movers were very late to pick up my stuff; however, my son said they appeared to be careful with the packing. That being said they charged for saran wrap on my furniture which consisted of a bedframe and a dresser. They never wrapped the bedframe pieces, and instead lost cams and screws and somehow managed to get greasy hand prints on every piece. The movers said oh it is just screws you can get more. Then they never delivered the soft top for my jeep. I was quite suspicious of the weight but as everyone else said they make you pay before they will unload the truck. I did weigh all of my stuff and was indeed charged for 1000 pounds more than I actually had. The movers were supposed to give me back $30 for the wardrobe boxes and I literally had to chase them down the street to get the money and the paid invoice.

They also left a box belonging to someone else here and will not respond when I ask if I can help to locate the...

By: ClarenceK

Trillium Moving & Storage Services

Mississauga, ON

Prey on Seniors

The salesman came to my mother's home promising a miracle from a thermo-cyclopad. She was very vulnerable just being released from hospital and on extreme pain killers. She is on limited income and the man told her she could pay for this pad on payments. The pad does not do as it promises and my mother has since found out that they signed her up with a finance company and she is paying twice as much as she thought for this useless piece of equipment. They do not answer the phone, and even the finance company was not able to get in touch with them. They are criminals, preying on seniors, setting them up with finance companies and running away with the money.

Please check them out before letting them into the homes of your parents.

By: ClarenceK

Niagarassage Inc

Markham, ON