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I visited carbon computing and had a terrible experience. Bad customer service and the place just looked ghetto. I came here to write a review but I noticed something worse then my bad review.
It's either 1 star or 5 stars for this place. But looking more carefully I notticed that the 5 star reviews were all from "non-members" and boy are they stunning reviews!!
Tisk tisk carbon....times are that tough that you write your own reviews....for next time at least try to make it sound real.
I've got 65 dollars if you need ;)

By: Chrispasalismukisa12

Carbon Computing

Toronto, ON



Yikes. I bought a drobo here...well a long time ago and things didn't seem too bad. Are there many other places in town that sell apple / media ish stuff? I'd hate to have to go to vistek.