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My son, 5 and half years old, is having trained with Master SEUNG'S TAEKWONDO (Agentina Road,Mississauga,Ontario) for one year and I think the classes there are great, the training there is intense and fun to do. Master SEUNG'S TAEKWONDO is excellent place for kids to build up their displines and the Masters, people over there are so warm and friendly. My son love there very much.

I like the:


When I can't do it, I shall persevere until I can
Ahn dwea myon, dweal dae gah jee

When I lose, I shall persevere until I win
Jee myon, ee gil dae gah jee

When I don't understand, I shall persevere until I do understand
Moh ru myon, ahl dwae gah jee


By: ArthurLee

Master Seung's Taekwondo

Mississauga, ON