Aprille's Reviews

Abysmal Agent

I'm sorry to say that there is a gentleman, and I use that in the loosest form, driving a black Nissan SUV (AMAS 371) that showcased vile behaviour today at this location.

This man first warned us that this is an authorized parking lot and that our vehicle would be towed if parked there. This of course is understandable and frustrating as that may be, seeing as I live in a condo on Viking Lane and simply needed to cross the road to get something, my partner proceeded to move the car while I made my way across. However this man did not let it go there but proceeded to create a V-sign upon his lips and stuck his tongue out in a vulgar gesture as he drove west on Dundas.

I am disappointed, seeing as I am a member of this community as well as a previous client of Sunmed Holidays. This type of behaviour is simply unacceptable in any setting and I hope that this man learns to act appropriately.

If he is an employee of this location I hope that those in charge would take more into consideration the actions of your employees when in the premisses of your business.

By: Aprille

Sunmed Holidays Inc

Etobicoke, ON