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Hair Disaster

This is my opinion and my perception of the events that took place.

Though this may seem dramatic.

I am telling you this only because I care and I know we all care about hair :) My hairdresser moved away. Therefore out of convenience I went to Quinn's on 10th Street in Kensington. I will not get into details. I can only tell you that I left that place with neon yellow, orange and white hair. Some of it falling out ( minor amount ). In addition I have sores..yes sores. Some open on my head..(sorry if this discusts you) However I don't want it to happen to anyone else. My head literally has something similar to a sunburn.
I headed to a much more replicable place on Sunday and had them do what they can to fix it. The hairdresser there was shocked. They cannot dye my hair due to the condition of my scalp. They could not comb it or cut it etc. Doing what they could they did a great job fixing it.
Quinns claimed they were...

By: Anon1010

Quinn's of Kensington

Calgary, AB



OMG! that's just awful!