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Only one star because it doesnt give...

On January 29th, 2016 I purchased a diamond wedding ring from Reid jewellers. The price for the ring was $2300.00, on sale for $1150.00. The ring was too large for my wedding finger so I asked the sales associate if this particular style ring would be able to be sized to fit my wedding finger or would it be an issue as the diamonds come quite far down on both sides to appear as a halo. She said yes it can be resized and would be easy to do. The ring was advertised to be .50ct, SI/GHI 14 K. This particular store was closing, but the associate reassured me if any issues they still had two other Reid jewellery stores for customer support. I was not given my receipt by the associate and prior to leaving the store to rush to get to the airport, I saw a folded piece of paper on the counter and asked if that was my receipt, the associate said yes. I grabbed it and then we quickly left. At the time I thought this was strange not to be handed my receipt as expected in a store and the fact...

By: AndySadBride

Reid Jewelry Ltd

Burnaby, BC



I feel for you. I am engaged too and I can just imagine how you feel if I was taken advantage of when spending my hard earned money for a special purchase.

I wish you and your fiancé all the best on your special day. And I hope that the Reid Jeweller company will see that it makes good business sense to right the wrong they have created. If all you are asking is to get a refund for a defective ring, that should be an easy fix. If you are asking to be compensated for an intentional deception, which this sound as fraudulent advertising and business, I would hope that you get what is deserved.
I too would never recommend this company to any friend or enemy. Cheers