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Stay Away!!!!

I cannot believe that Dealfind is doing yet another deal!! I had bought several $129 deals for 2 manicures/pedicures a month for a year. I bought one as a gift for a friend and we both booked separately for the same day but couldn't get in for two months. The day before our appointment we each got a confirmation email for our appointment. Then 12 hours later got a phone call cancelling. They told my friend that one of their esthetician was sick so that is why they had to cancel but they told me that THREE of their esthetician's were sick and (as an afterthought) so was their receptionist. Neither one of us actually talked to the person we just got a message. Then we were told that we needed to rebook online. Well, this is September and we couldn't get another appointment until December! No way we could possibly get our two/month manicure/pedicure at this rate. Thankfully I got a full refund from Dealfind. What truly disturbs me is that today I see AGAIN...

By: 6pia

Zeneba Academy of Esthetics

Calgary, AB