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roof job ok, customer service and...

I don't know if it's because we're financing and don't have many options to who we get to do our roof, but I feel we got not so good service. The job was to be started on a Thursday, but nobody showed up. Nobody bothered to call us also. After me contacting belmar, I was told the job would start friday morning, the roofers were still doing their last job and were delayed because of weather. That was fine. Roofers came by Friday morning and said they would start around noon. Again, that was fine. Finally , Friday at 2 in the afternoon, they started the job. I was also told i would get 6 vents but only got 5. Also i was told you would call the bin people to remove the bin from our front lawn, but over a week later, i had to call them myself. I really feel bad about " bitching" about these things, but we are putting out a lot of money. Roof looks good other wise and Steve the estimator was awesome. Keith Molnar, Hamilton.

By: 1965

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