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Attended a friend's wedding on June 21, 2014 only to find a huge sign on the door saying Venue shut down as per court order. There were multiple cop cars outside and thousands of guests, some out of town stranded in the scorching heat. Turns out the owners of the venue didn't pay their landlords inspite of several eviction notices and the landlords ordered the locks to be changed and the staff were sent home. I really hope the couple gets their money back but I highly doubt it when they declare bankruptcy. We managed to arrange for another venue at the last minute. Very sad and unfortunate after all.

By: 123guest

Grand Metropolitan of Mississauga - CLOSED

Mississauga, ON



I just want to know if these people who had their wedding on june 21/14 get their money back. and did they pick their in house dj if so did they still use him or did they not use him and lose their deposit
and are there any other weddings that are booked with them in the upcoming months. what a nightmare what is this company doing for these people or do they care about the anguish these people are going through ruining the most important day of their lives