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Ultimate Drivers Brampton

239 Queen Street East, Suite 2811, Brampton, ON
23 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: 9 months ago
About Ultimate Drivers Brampton

A driving school you can trust for the responsible and safe drivers of tomorrow Go to full description...

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Ultimate Drivers Brampton, Brampton Reviews (23)

23 reviews
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By Kyli on Oct 20, 2020
Both my sister and I had Ronnie as an instructor for our in car lessons and we both received our G2 on our first attempt! Ronnie was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend Ultimate Drivers!
By kaycat18 on Jan 17, 2020
Finished my online course, then my in-car lessons today. Already passed my G2 test. My driving instructor was Ronnie, great instructor would recommend.
By Geanna on Sep 22, 2019
I completed the four days session in class which was quite knowledgeable for me. The in class teacher for the weekend of June 2019 was good in teaching us about driving. My car instructor Max displayed professionalism in conducting his work, was punctual at all times and was very reliable in communicating with me to arrange schedule times for car sessions. He showed good knowledge as it relates to driving instructions and was on time for my road test.
By RayF on Jun 01, 2019
Sir - You are trying to now fabricate things and to try and dismiss what I have said. Read my post below again and see what it says. I am appalled by the attitude of your driver Raja and him trying to force a 2 hour lesson on my son for his own convenience. This was my only issue. Nowhere in my post have I mentioned about registration or any other issues. This is not a fake review and If you want to talk about this then give me your number and name and a convenient time to call and I will call you directly, and speak to you, so that you know that this is not a fake review or anything of the sort. What I have stated are the facts and instead of disciplining Raja you now seem to be bent on trying to prove that my review was fake. Nothing of the sort and if you do not want customer complaints then I suggest you do something about your drivers attitudes.

Ray F

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Comment by ultimated on Aug 20, 2019
We keep it in mind that all students have to be accomodated and lessons should be spaced out right. But your name Ray f. sounds familiar cause you like to leave fake reviews on our listings. First you had no son and did not receive any email from us, then your son could not get single lessons, then your son could not get more than two lessons. But your initial complaint was that we did not provide you any response to your registration. Please make up your mind about what is your problem. You should never right things that are incorrect. And please do not create accounts here and there to ruin a reputation. Very sad.

By RayF on Jun 01, 2019
Poor driver attitude
Most recently one of their drivers tells my son that he will only undertake 'in car' lessons in '2 hour' chunks at a time as he said that 'he knows better' and is an 'experienced driver'. Looks that this is geared more at his (the instructors) convenience rather than servicing the PAYING customer. Since when is the rule that the driving instructor is allowed to dictate that he will only offer 2 hour lessons at a time, when the website clearly states 1 hour lessons are being offered. Seriously I have decided to take my business elsewhere.

Comment by ihateliars on Aug 20, 2019
We keep it in mind that all students have to be accomodated and lessons should be spaced out right. But your name Ray f. sounds familiar cause you like to leave fake reviews on our listings. First you had no son and did not receive any email from us, then your son could not get single lessons, then your son could not get more than two lessons. But your initial complaint was that we did not provide you any response to your registration. Please make up your mind about what is your problem. You should never right things that are incorrect. And please do not create accounts here and there to ruin a reputation. Very sad.
By franklynchin2016 on Oct 11, 2018
This programme consists of 20 hrs in class(theory), 10 hours in car and an online assignment.
I was referred to this school by a friend who successfully completed the programme and now has her licence.

I would highly recommend the programme to anyone. I was initially reluctant to join the programme as 20 hrs seemed long (2 WEEKENDS), I just wanted to drive . Learning the theory mentally prepares you to be more confident and aware of various situations on the roads. You really learn the y's for many road rules.

I was really anxious yet nervous about driving. The key is to get a driving teacher who is professional, experienced, patient, understanding and makes you comfortable after all we are students 'learning' how to drive. My driving teacher (VIC) was recommended to me and I will in turn highly recommend him to others.

I would like to say thank you to Vic for being patient. I am presently preparing for my road test and appreciate all the comments and recommendations you have given me. This is a quality of a true professional -ensuring that your student is adequately prepared for the test.

For anyone who wants to learn how to drive but are having doubts I highly recommend Ultimate Drivers it is worth it...Vic is an excellent teacher for the in car.
By Byzantine Flamingo on Nov 16, 2017
Unfortunately I did not have a positive experience at all with my instructor. I wish I could rate Ultimate Drivers in the negatives! She was late most of the time and did not make up the time lost as promised. As if that wasn't bad enough she only made me drive on the streets, that left an accumulative 30 minutes spent on parking and low speed maneuvers throughout all 10 lessons. I do not know the protocol regarding students driving around other students, but my instructor did make me drive one student back to their house which took up my entire one hour lesson. She was on her phone about 70% of the time that I spent driving with her either on social media, answering phone calls or texting. As a result of not paying attention she would give me dangerous instructions at intersections which made me very uncomfortable and made me feel completely unsafe. I was appalled at how dangerous the situations were, and she was accountable for her students. I honestly do not know how any previous students handled her lessons. Her communication over the phone and via messages was very unprofessional and she would ofter threaten me with failing. She instructed me to make u- turns at unsafe places because she wanted to reach a certain destination. She also made me drive to her ultimate drivers office to drop off some paperwork she didn't do earlier and I waited in the car for at least 20 minutes that were not made up. Driving school is meant to teach you to be safe and to be a defensive driver - it is strategic, as I was taught in the in-class lessons. However, during my in car lessons my instructor contradicted that which was enforced. I was lucky that I had been driving previously, because if I had only followed my instructors instructions I would have been risking my life.

Her overall attitude was negative and discouraging and due to language barriers sentences such as, "You are a fail" were common and she would sigh loudly if any flaws were present.

When I thought all of this was over, she said she would book my test and never did which led to huge issues and confusions.

Ultimate drivers is the last place I would recommend for anybody. Use your money to pay for something that is actually worth it. I learned more driving at home without my driving instructor.

Despite all of this, I must say that my in-class lessons with Gord were superb and I thoroughly enjoyed them! Thank you.
By Juliana8 on Sep 22, 2016
Had Ronnie as a driving instructor he was excellent, and taught me everything I needed to know and I was successful on my g2 test. He was patient and was very nice to me throughout all my lessons with him. If you get him as your instructor you will be beyond happy and will learn everything you need to know to be successful on your road test!!
By Meaghan Lane Lamprey on Feb 01, 2015
My daughter recently turned 17 and is anxious to go for her drivers test. I decided to give her a couple of lessons on my own but I began to worry I might be doing the due diligence required. She is now on her third lesson with the driving instructor from Ultimate Drivers and she is doing really well. I let her drive just yesterday and she seemed very confident and knowledgeable. I think the school is well worth it.
By Lenore C. Kangaroo-mouse on Jan 06, 2015
I’m a new student taking in-class lectures and road lessons at Ultimate Drivers. I was very impressed with all the knowledge and information I’ve gained from the in-class lectures which helped prepare me for the road lessons. I’ve learned a lot of the different road signs, rules that I’ve never heard of or seen. The driving teacher was very hilarious, sharing her stories about her past students and their driving. The in-class lectures really translated onto the road and made me feel more comfortable driving knowing all the rules, and road signs. The driving teacher was an amazing teacher.
By Barry Carmicheal Hare on Dec 11, 2014
I just passed my G test today and honestly it was an incredible experience. I’ve taken both my G2 test and my G test with the same instructor at Ultimate Drivers and my instructor was very understanding and accommodated my busy school schedule. I know I was not the best driver (I'm too hesitant) and it took me awhile to perfect my driving skills before taking the tests. My instructor was very patient with me and gave me so much confidence and he was very encouraging. He trusted me and I trusted him to teach me everything on what it takes to pass the road tests. He really helps you overcome your fears and anxiety to become a careful, safe and qualified driver.
By Tim West Grasshopper on Nov 29, 2014
They come as advertised: responsible, comprehensive, affordable. You can find them all around the GTA which builds confidence. My wife and I liked their reviews and their pitch and our instincts proved correct. We've one daughter through the course and another to come.
By Pumeet Naidu Gorilla on Nov 18, 2014
Ultimate Drivers is amazing. I had a great professional driving instructor who was very nice, courteous, and respectful to his students. He gave me confidence on the road on my first driving lesson. I was very excited and nervous at the same time but my instructor told me to relax and focus on the road. He gave me useful tips and lessons on my G2 test and how to pass it. I would definitely recommend my friends who have not taken their G2 test to learn from Ultimate Drivers. Had a great learning experience there!
By Leya Raj Hammerhead-shark on Oct 12, 2014
I completed both my G2 and G road test but I felt like I could learn more. I saw a package from Ultimate Drivers called Advance Driving Program. It covers maneuvers such as shoulder drop off, head-on collision avoidance; rear-end collision avoidance, emergency escape route, emergency stopping and the best advance of ABS Brakes and threshold braking. After completing the Advance Driving Program along with the standard BDE Course, I feel so much more comfortable and prepared for future road scenarios.
By Sharon Williams Goldfinch on Sep 29, 2014
My daughter had a terrible experience with another driving school, and ended up failing her G2 road test. My friend recommended me Ultimate Drivers and I decided to give them a call. My daughter recently had her first three driving lessons from her new driving instructor and she was so happy to learn each time. I had my daughter drive our own vehicle and she was driving so much better than before. Her driving instructor is accommodating and encouraging, helping nervous drivers like my daughter succeed. The instructor gave excellent feedback and tips on how to improve my daughter’s driving and what to expect on the G2 road tests. In the end, my daughter passed her G2 on her first try under this instructor. My daughter will definitely come back to Ultimate Drivers for her G road test.
By Yousef Zula Skink on Sep 09, 2014
I am new to the city and had not yet learned all the road signs and rules. I needed to get my driving license and decided to attend Ultimate Drivers. (I was the oldest person there!) The in-class instructor was very informative and gave us in-class homework to work on regarding to the driving rules and road signs in Canada. I’ve learned so much from my classes and it helped prepare me for my road lessons. Thank you Ultimate Drivers for training students to be safe and responsible drivers.
By Sara Boudreaux Macaw on Aug 20, 2014
I passed my G2 road test from Ultimate Drivers and I have to thank my driving instructor for preparing me after putting countless hours into refining my driving training to ensure I’m prepared for my road tests and to become a safe driver. They have highly trained driving instructors who are flexible and patient. I made a good choice.
By Ethan Miller Bison on Aug 19, 2014
My dad promised I’d have my own car by the end of the summer if I got my G2 so my best friend and I took lessons at Ultimate Drivers and did the in class lessons. My road test is in one week and I feel really confident about it. I am going for my last in-car lesson tomorrow and I can’t wait.
By Bryan Carver Snow-Leopard on Aug 04, 2014
I’ve been telling my wife to get her license for the longest time and she would always make up an excuse. She drove overseas but let it lapse here and insisted she was happy with the subway. That didn't make sense once we moved to Brampton.

When I called Ultimate Drivers and let her know about the program they had to offer she wasn’t enthusiastic about being "stuck with sixteen year olds." We did think it might help with insurance though. Finally she has her G2 and her attitude has completely changed. The program works even for people who think they already have the experience. Thanks Ultimate Drivers -- now I can finally sit in the passenger seat for once.
By Mila Wildebeest on Jul 06, 2014
I'm just writing to say thank you! I passed and you are the reason! It was a perfect course to take.
By L. Malkin Parrotfish on Jun 03, 2014
Before the day of my G2 road test, my instructor from Ultimate Drivers took me on a detour around the area I would be tested on. He helped me get familiarized with the roads and the road signs. He acted as my G2 road test evaluator which helped prepare me on what to expect on my G2 road test. On the day of my G2 road test, the G2 road test evaluator told me to do the same instructions as my driving instructor had already done! I recognized all the roads and did my parallel parking, looking at my blind spots, recognizing road signs and pedestrians and speed limit.

Eventually, I passed my G2 road test and had a great score on my evaluation sheet. I have to thank my driving instructor on preparing me to be successful and pass the road test.
By Valerie C. Spider on May 22, 2014
Your driving school is great. My son now has his license and I am so surprised at how well he drives. He parks the car better than I do!
By Farah Abaid Mite on May 05, 2014
The first time I went for my road test I failed because my previous instructor was horrible. Everything was one try and your done. I looked around for a reputable driving school and came across Ultimate Drivers. I really liked how they were very accommodating with my busy schedule and the instructor was very patient with me. They had a definite structure for each lesson but also let me take time to master things I had trouble with. I learned so much and wanted to say thank you.
By Pam Traugott Grizzly-Bear on Apr 27, 2014
I knew it was time to get my license after I had my first child. From doctor’s appointments, to daycare there was no way I could rely public transit and even family to get around. My friend told me about Ultimate Drivers which was very convenient to home so I decided to sign up for the package. I am now a G2 driver and couldn’t be happier.
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With ten locations across Southern Ontario, our mission at Ultimate Drivers is to provide our customers with a driving school that they can trust will train responsible and safe drivers of tomorrow. We are determined to provide the highest quality in class instruction, in car driver training and excellent customer service to all of our customers.

Ultimate Drivers is Ministry-Approved BDE Course Provider. In our pursuit of excellence, we will continuously endeavour to raise our high level of professionalism and service with our selfless, dedicated, and self-motivated organizational culture. We serve Barrie, Brampton, Burlington, Cambridge, Georgetown, Kitchener, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, and Orangeville.

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