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Toronto Matchmakers

4300 Village Centre , Suite #205, Mississauga, ON
65 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About Toronto Matchmakers

Toronto Matchmakers is Toronto's Premier Matchmaking Firm. Go to full description...

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Toronto Matchmakers, Mississauga Reviews (65)

65 reviews
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By Sjdaugust on Nov 14, 2018
Read the referrals and know in advance you are giving your money away for nothing in return. I believe the positive reviews are false and written by the company to boost their rating. They clearly state 8 weeks to begin recieving referrals. After more than four months I was not provided a single referral.
By Theseas on Apr 02, 2018
I spent my life building my career, never really believed in getting married because at the end of the day it's just a piece of paper. I went through a marriage with a man when I was very young but no children together. Im not looking to have kids.
I joined this service last year and the process takes time. Love is a numbers game you need to be patient.

Verdict? I'm engaged.

Sometimes it only takes one person to change your life but it takes you to decide that.
Thanks Toronto Matchmakers for everything, wouldn't have been here without the team guiding me at my hardest times.
By BlueOceang on Mar 26, 2018
I just wanted to share my personal happiness between George and I. We met through this service and feel very upset that anyone would have the heart to call this a scam? Come on!! 30 years this company has been around helping two souls meet. How could you say these things?

I am a happy lady married because of this. I hope you can ignore these fraudulent "scam" reviews and follow your heart.
By SarahMrg on Mar 09, 2018
Best life changing decision I have ever made.
This is a wonderful team of people who care about changing lives like ours. I question the people who even take time to write negative reviews. This company has been around for over 30 years, even my parents know of them. If 30 years in business with over 60 locations, that speaks for itself, I'm sorry.
I have been married to Joe for over 4 years, we met through this service. I am 5 months pregnant and building a life together with a wonderful man.

Just wanted to share to you how wonderful it has been for us and to have trust, there is no better company out there.
By kaptinm on Jan 28, 2018
This service is nothing more than a scam. They take your money and never deliver on promises or contract. They don’t return calls or emails. I hope nobody else gets ripped off like me. They prey on the vulnerable and what they do is criminal.
By Lynn2 on Jan 23, 2018
I joined Toronto Matchmakers over three months ago. I was told that after my personal information, financial information and a criminal record check was verified (something that should be spearheaded by the individual and presented to the party requesting it, not by a third party member) matches would occur shortly thereafter. I have not yet been introduced to anyone. I was also asked to give my social insurance number, something that should only be shared with your employer, and accountant.

I have pursued other dating avenues in the meantime, and had success, including: speed dating and online dating. The service is extremely expensive, and if it worked would be worth the investment, however there seems to be a common story in the reviews shown here...many promises, not many (or in my case any matches) to substantiate the price paid.
By KevinJS on Dec 11, 2017
I wanted to write a review to thank the Toronto Matchmakers team for helping me meet my now fiance Suzie. We are getting married 2018 March.
I joined this service few years ago as I was recommended by a friend who also had success with this. As a busy working professional dating to me was like a part time job, I dreaded going online. This seemed to just make sense.
I had a few matches until I met Suzie. Both of us are grateful.
Who would've thought! Worth every dollar and more.
Thanks a million times over.

P.S - You may notice there are far more Positive feedback than there is neg. That speaks for itself :) - Kevin
By Vveronica12 on Dec 05, 2017
Don't waste your money. I cancelled but still they are trying to take money from my credit card. Sending me emails that I have overdue balance. Bad and terrible company. No men available. . Real scam. Am gonna Sue them for harassment.
By EricC on Oct 31, 2017
Met the love of my life through Toronto Matchmakers service
We are both very thank you. When you find the one you will be too.
I recommended this to my co worker and she is also very glad to do this.
Good luck
By tstrah on Oct 29, 2017
They either have a tiny network of people in their database, or it's on outright scam! The money they're charging is ridiculous! They wanted $5000! At least they didn't scam me for that much
By cindycabos01 on Oct 20, 2017
My personal experience with the company was great!
I spent a big part of my life building my career and taking of my children as a single parent and did not think about myself for a long time. One of my kids came to me and asked why I was still alone and I didn't have an answer to that. As the only person to blame was me.

It took a lot for to make the initial appointment, they were always fully booked so we went around for a while before I was able to get in. My criteria was very specific, the consultant was very straight forward matches will take longer if I am not open (Height, age, education, Religion...etc) I realized she was right so I kept things more flexible for the right person.

Like a lot of these reviews on here, I did write a terrible review on this company last year ( I will be the first to admit it), I met 5 matches that I felt were not my type (but nice folks) I was so angry I called the company a scam and gave each person here a very hard time called them a few times a day just to vent my frustration. Im quite I'm embarrassed now.

They never gave up on me, when I know they should've....

I am currently in a very happy relationship (my 6th match) and I thought to make up for a terrible review I wrote on here.. this was my apology.
By EricandJules on Oct 04, 2017
Hello, my name is E and I joined Toronto Matchmakers about 1.5 years ago with the sole purpose to just put myself in a better opportunity to meet other single professionals in my area. I didn't know if I wanted to be married again but was open to the idea if the right person came along. Well, she sure did. After a few matches with some really nice ladies in the service, I met Julie. She joined in the Mississauga location, and completely took me for surprise.

First date, as if I have known this lady my entire life.
Now, 1.5 years later... we have decided to share our entire life together, you guessed it... we are GETTING MARRIED.

Thanks everyone for encouraging us and sticking by our side.
By MadonaFan70 on Sep 19, 2017
Officially married Sept 9, 2017!!!
When I initially joined Toronto Matchmakers, I was so hesitant because like everyone, reading reviews before attending a meeting was my thing. It was actually a relief myself to only see a few negs and more positive feedback which made it easier for me to just go (because I know realistically most companies got to have a few hard-to-please clients).

I joined telling the consultant I didn't want to get married again (especially what I went through with my ex husband) Didn't really think a piece of paper would prove anything anymore at my age...

Okay, well....I am married again now to Joey and we moving to the States together next year. Who would've known at this time and age I would be able to start over like this. We are both excited to see where this takes us. Thanks Toornto Matchmakers team for your help.
By Jmazerolle on Sep 13, 2017
I will continue to post reviews until someone applies my investment as intended. No compatible matches and I am being continuously ignored. Lack of communication and false promises is this companies mission.

Member since June 2016
By bellavita77 on Sep 08, 2017
Best decision in my life was when I decided to take a chance with Toronto Matchmakers.

I don't feel it is fair for the negative remarks calling this company a scam. If you trace back to the reviews on this page it marks back to 2012 for the first review, if a company is a "scam" don't you think they would be shut down the same day they opened? With most things in life, patience with a mix of positive attitude goes a long way. Love is not something you buy off a shelf.

When I joined Toronto Matchmakers, sure, I was beyond hesitant because I know what I brought to the table, education and looks was my #1 request. First few matches were okay. I was kind of disappointed questioning my decision at first. But I did make 3 great friends but none were my type (Chemistry wise). Until my 4th match, these guys nailed it. Money will spent. If I didn't invest in this for myself I never would've met Lorenzo. We booked for our second trip to Italy for December this year! Thank you Toronto Matchmakers for listening to me and for Lorenzo to show me what love was again.

-Maria GC
By RockDoc on Aug 28, 2017
An absolute scam. They claim that they match people and not profiles. All that they do is have you fill in a profile and then they ignore it when making a match. I suspect that they have very few male clients and having met three women, they all report that they get very few introductions. None of the introductions even came close to what I am looking for in a relationship. The profiles that they sent to me of my matches were a complete fiction. Nothing in common except we paid a lot of money.

They ask that you do not forward photos or to communicate prior to meeting. What a ruse! The result is an awkward meeting with little to talk about and no mutual attraction.

The Better Business Bureau gives them an "F" rating. I should have done my homework before giving them my credit card.
By Birch101 on Aug 27, 2017
If I could I would give it less than 1 star. They are quick to take your money but almost a year later and not a word from them. I guess it is time to hire a lawyer.
By mikegold1957 on Jul 05, 2017
I found the process from start to finish a very positive one. The time they took to get to know me and what I was looking for plus their emphasis on Privacy made me feel safe and very optimistic that it would work. It wasn't long before I found what I can only describe as the love of my life.....something I had never been able to do on my own. I have told my single friends to try it as well and a couple have already started the journey!
By susangreeg2000 on Jun 09, 2017
Announced our engagement to close friends and family last week. Greatest feeling ever. Didn't think at our age we were able to go through this again but Greg and I are pleased with tis service and wanted to share.
Thanks Toronto Matchmakers for bringing us together, we will send an invitation to your reps when we settle on a date hope she can attend.

Thank you again
By quinny1253 on Jun 02, 2017
I trusted the company but they sold a good line to be honest following the supposed buyout of Elove . Of course, with the change of Elove to Toronto matchmakers, there is still silence and you only hear from them when you email. I must be a terrible person you say? Actually, the truth is there are no males available in their database is my guess. However, upon research, I found that ELove and Toronto Matchmakers had my name in a common database yet the change of ownership did not occur until a year after that discovery. Then Toronto Matchmakers came online many months later. They had bought out ELove , requested an update of my details , said they were better, asked for trust and so forth, then the process started again. Silence . and months of silence. Now a year later post statement of "not to worry, the new system would bring many a match!" So here we are another year later, with one potential match that failed and was reported back to Matchmakers as his mother was ill. I spoke to a person in Matchmakers as well as completing the "fail" form as this man had other things to deal with. Now here I am again 6 months later asking the same question after 5 years and 5000.00 spent for what. ELove disappeared , now Toronto Matchmakers claim they are not Elove but they shared a database prior to the supposed take over.
Date 1 - Elove - The the man was very unhappy because there were no dates coming his way in a very long time.
Date 2 a year later - the second man was totally unsuitable, but he had the same complaint. Years of membership and guess what no dates.
Date 3 - The the 3rd man said he was been given a free trial
All were nice people but not suitable but all had the same complaint- where were all the women? Then Matchmakers joins the party. Yes, the address on this website is the same I visited so many years ago as is the contact number. We had a long discussion about the past, things would be different, a new database would help and here we are still asking the same question as the last contact was 6 months ago. Yes, I did complete the required forms after the first no show if you like with Matchmakers was shelled due to a family emergency - I did follow the process, documented the no-show, and even spoke to an agent. Today more than a week after my email to Toronto Matchmakers asking what is going on and they respond that I did not respond ( wrong I did) and they thought we were an item despite the above. So what is one to do when a company can act in this manner? I think it is time for the investigator reports of our media to start checking out this company. My advice, do not use such companies, being a current client of 5 years 5 dates less one 6 months ago is just not a successful record by any standard.
Would I recommend membership - NO
Can I get my money refunded - No
So are they above board - my experience and my advice to my generation born in the 50s do not use these companies. The proof is in the experience, and their failure to deliver. I would much have preferred to write a glowing report about success, but alas can not do so in all honesty. Actually my rating is ZERO, the 0,5 star above is because this is the lowest entry I could enter. Reality minus 100000000000000000 stars

By MacAir789 on May 02, 2017
Staff here showed real compassion and care to this part of my life. I didn't know where to start after my separation. Married for over 17 years to someone who I would've shared my last breathe with.

Life can be unpredictable sometimes.

I overheard a group of coworkers talk about Torontomatchmakers in the staff room a while ago but I wasn't ready to date.Last yr I decided to look them up. Getting an appointment wasn't easy I had to go through first a phone screening before they allowed me to get a spot. I booked a few days ahead of time, they were pretty swamped for the weekend (That's my only complaint) they book up quick. The appointment went better than I wouldve imagine. Let me tell you, I was a nervous wreck. I almost had cold feet.

I joined for the Gold program, best decision of my life.
I got to out again, find my gro0o0ove again
First few matches were ok!! Until I met my 5th match..We are still dating (been 5 months)its still fresh but I wanted show gratitude and write a review and maybe who ever is reading, it can help change a life. You can do it, just at least once more XO

By Lilyleejunjun on May 02, 2017
Promised the moon at interview but delivered absolutely Nothing !

Signed up for 3 month membership ($560) , staff suggested at least 5-10 referrals plus this perfect man for me who just signed up .
Three month past , not even ONE Referral , not even One phone call from them ! I called and called always the same msg "pls leave vm " and no one ever returned my call !

Totally disgust by the scam... Anyone is thinking to sign up please think twice . Once they got your money , you are done ! They have the total control!

Last word to these people who take advantage of vulnerable individual , shame on you and I hope you can sleep at night !
By CoryOcean on Apr 19, 2017
This service changed my life for the better.
I am a single mother of two, both my daughters are now grown and independent. The moment my youngest went off to UofT I finally was able to let out the biggest sigh of life. She was moving on with her life and I knew it was finally time to start mine..

Dating again to me is not the same as it use to be when we were in our 20's. I think some my friends can relate to this too. I met up to 6 great people until landing Mr. Right, funny and proud of to say, I was his first....match. It took me a while to learn that success in something like this takes a lot of trust and patience. When I met K What was really different about him was he and I shared the same passions in volunteering. We travelled to Africa for the first time together to try to give back. We are both happy to announce our relationship a little more freely now as I am much more comfortable to say, 'I think he's the one". It's never too late to find yours. I wish who ever is reading this can find some faith to try this out? I had cold feet few times before coming in for an appt. These folks here are professionals and I am truly grateful they were part of my life. Thank you.

- From C and Dr. K
By Disappoointed on Apr 18, 2017
Don't waste your money, $2500 later.... They'll tell you what you want to hear. THIEVES
They have maybe 15 people in their service. Don't bother.
By Rfcrecordsinc on Mar 12, 2017
You know most people who complain about a service is because they spent a decent amount of money and haven't got what they wanted out of it, I wasn't happy with a couple of my matches, and I was feeling a little discouraged and that could happen it's life, we can't fall in love with everyone we meet, but then all of a sudden bam, I met Michael who has just been so amazing in so many ways and we're just so compatible and were now engaged omg!!!!! See you just gotta stick with it until the end because it's all about being at the right time and in the right place to meet the love of your life.
And I'm so friggin glad I joined Toronto Matchmakers.

Luv Sarah T, and my Michael of course
Comment by CoryOcean on Apr 19, 2017
I went through the same thing, glad to hear you've met your match too.
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