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Jenco Canada Inc

72 Devon Rd Unit 7, Brampton, ON
16 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About Jenco Canada Inc

We are a high quality LED lighting manufacturer and solution provider. JENCO CANADA is the one who has the technological know-how to all of your LED needs call us for Sales, service and installation. Go to full description...

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Jenco Canada Inc, Brampton Reviews (16)

16 reviews
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By Umber Otter on Aug 10, 2018
Guest Review

Comment by nabil on Jan 14, 2020
What a joke. Buddy talk to the people who go there regularly and hear what they have to say. Hit and run contractors are their main customers because of cheap pricing. This place has one of the worst customer service. Staff are inexperienced bunch of kids who have no clue about management, customer service or operation.
By Tesarski on Apr 04, 2017
Verified by Email
Cheap Bulbs for cheap bucks

I thought I was the only one who had issues with Jenco bulbs, there seem to be many who agree with this. Out of the 1st ten pack I bought for my pot lights, 3 went bad in about 2 months. I got 8 more in the following week from them including warranty replacement and some have already started flickering and 4 of them have gone bad. Two I have yet to open so out of the 16 used, 7 have gone bad. That's a 43% failure rate on a 3 year warranty bulb (JC-DE26-5TC6L) in a matter of months. Most have gone bad with reduced output and some flash at reduced output. Some don't go out but randomly and quickly change brightness - sort of a strobe type of effect. One was flashing and I actually hear it pop inside and it went dark with black burn marks. Unfortunately this is the sort of thing that happens when they try to bring down the cost of LED bulbs. Heat sinking (cooling) is one of the areas and cheap quality drivers and chips is another that manufacturers skimp on to bring costs down.

Jenco being in business for last 6 years and with 10 franchises including a super store warehouse is perhaps the only business that I have known to sell such cheap trash year after year without any improvement in standard or quality. This is unacceptable and ridiculous. Worse still these bulbs have energy star marking on their boxes with no energy star logo or marking on the same bulbs?? Finally ended up replacing them with 4 pack energy star bulbs from Costco and Dukes Electrical at much lowered cost and with no issues whatsoever so far. DONT BUY THEIR WARRANTY GUYS. ITS OF NO PURPOSE AND DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE.
By galassoe786 on Mar 17, 2017
Verified by Email
I used to purchase bulbs from them initially from the Brampton location. I had to bring down over 200 plus Gu10 bulbs from the condo apartment project I was assigned. I paid premium price and was served with absolute trash.
Last year my friend had some super thin led panels installed in his house, and was told that he purchased them from Jenco Oakville. I purchased them from their woodbridge location and they seem fine for a year.
But the losses I incurred left a bad taste. Another friend of mine went through bad experiences. I noticed they have some new energy star products, but the owner Jeff's lame excuse of the batch being bad and the same excuse of the following batch being better than the previous one has got me wonder struck. As to how such a highly reputed company gets away with selling cheap trash.
By desousak786 on Mar 09, 2017
Verified by Email
Whoever suggested Jenco has the largest variety of Led lights should double check their information. They do have a very wide selection, but quality is cheap and substandard. They sell garbage quality bulbs for cheap rates to fool the public. they keep high end bulbs for namesake to get energy star approval. They dont run any promotion for their quality products and push all cheap trash on purpose.

My contractor suggested Jenco, so we installed 45 pot lights and within few weeks we had major issues from flashing, flickering and major issues with dimming. Within a month 6 bulbs blew out and they started dying down one by one, within 4 months we had over 25 burnt bulbs.

I eventually looked for another contractor and replaced with high quality reputed brand bulbs. The fixtures were fine the bulbs were real sub standard trash. Not worth buying from them
By Cobalt Opossum on Dec 06, 2016
Guest Review
You get what you pay for could have caught fire if my wife wasn't home to shut the power off
By Raspberry Scorpion on Dec 06, 2016
Guest Review
Read several reviews...i have been using Jenco products for quite sometime and have no problems. yes there is always a odd man out but guys are helpful and do quick warranty replacement. I do agree certail products available at jenco may not be great quality ..however, their recent models on bulbs are good and good in price. As far as energy star goes...Jenco is listed on ...cehck for yourself. Also do your due diligence and read thru the Jenco models that are approved for Energy star.

If you need Customer service...goto Jenco Milton store...they are polished professionals.
Comment by Tesarski on Apr 04, 2017
You are absolutely right. Looking at all the reviews posted her, in google and other sites, looks like there are no complaints whatsoever on their energy star rated products. I recently started using their slim panels and bulbs from the Oakville location. Almost a year, absolutely no problems. The owner Steve is highly knowledgeable and helpful. Even the 4/pack energy star bulbs are far better quality than the ones people have complained about. At the end of the day its one's choice as to what they choose, a lot depends on what the store owners are trying to promote, perhaps owners of other Jenco locations are trying to push the cheap quality stuff unlike Oakville and Milton locations.
By Cerik on Nov 26, 2016
Verified by Email
I recently purchased GU10 cob bulbs, nearly 40 of them. Within few weeks some started flickering and in a month they started to burn. I took them back to the store, the lady was kind enough to give immediate replacements as she remembered she had only recently sold them to us. We replaced the burnt bulbs, but in 2 weeks other side of bulbs started flickering, some would blow so bright and then start fading. I called a licensed electrician to check if there was a fault in any wiring or fixtures.

He thoroughly examined and said there was absolutely no problem with them, it was the bulbs. He also mentioned that the energy star logo on their bulb was fake as bulbs beyond 5000k do not even come under energy star category.These bulbs had a colour temperature of 6000-7000k on them.

I was so furious that i just removed all of them and replaced ones from Costco for half the price and genuine energy star product.

Guys please be warned of such fake logos, they claim to be a super store, lets see how long they survive fooling public and the government. Wonder how authorities don't do anything about this.
By mdino1960 on Sep 03, 2016
Verified by Email
The cabinet lights are as bad or worse than their bulbs. none of Jenco products last more than few weeks or months. There are serious compliance and safety issues for their cabinet lights. their prices are suited for cheap contractors and unlicensed electricians. Everyone know they buy cheap quality products with preferred rate and mark up their prices to customers. These guys don't care about safety or quality. In less than 2 months my bulbs and cabinet lights started flickering and eventually began blowing out. I waited for a while and the rest started doing the same, cabinet lights would go off and come on next day and die down again, but when they started smelling like something burning, my wife panicked and got them all out. Guys can you believe they had left burn marks on my very expensive cabinets.

Eventually I called another contracting company, got all my under cabinet lighting and the entire 200+ pot lights removed, over 60 exterior lights changed, by the way over 60% lights were gone or began flickering and replaced with eboka lights. As per the contracting company, the previous electrician had done a very good job with codes and safety compliance, he even got inspection approval. the light assembly fixture with socket and plate were good quality. It was the bulbs, cabinet lights and the 5 transformers that were poor quality.We installed garbage Jenco lights this year March and replaced them end of May. No problems so far. Did not even bother going back to the store to return their rubbish bulbs or cabinet lights. Garbage products need to sent to trash and that's what me and my wife did. Spent a fortune over getting them done twice, but better safe than sorry.

"WILL NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE EVER TO USE JENCO LIGHTS FOR ANYTHING." My family is so upset and the contractor is not even reachable. We trusted him because he said he would do cash deal. That is another warning guys, keep everything in record from reputed sources. I learnt my lesson.
By Chocolate Damselfly on Sep 01, 2016
Guest Review
Three jenco lamps I purchased for dining room pendent lamps failed after 6 months. 200 hours approximate usage.

Very expensive and did not last. What a shame.
By Mikehogan on Aug 01, 2016
Verified by Email
I recently purchased cabinet lights for my house and was amazing , My wife was very pleased with the quality and service we received, Very Bright and looks awesome. I recommend Anyone to visit the Brampton
Showroom. Great Job Guys.
By gillespiefitz on Jul 20, 2016
Verified by Email
Brought some under cabinet strip lights (1m long ones) last month. I was not planning to return back for good as the owners attitude sucked but now one of the strips has started loosing light in some of the led chips, it comes back after it is shut for a while and then goes off again. I am so upset that I don't even want to go back there, but no choice. Cheap garbage quality products total waste of time and money.
By galeajoe5 on May 22, 2016
Verified by Email
My first experience with their products was not too good. I recently went to their store for replacing my defective bulbs. Someone here rightly said about Jeff"s attitude. He has no ethics or manners in dealing with his employees. He was screaming and swearing at them as if they were his slaves. In fact their customer service is one of the lousiest ever. Jeff gives a damn about customers, he's always busy on his phone as if Chinese are Gods on earth. The rest of them walk around dragging carts like a bunch of losers and don't even care about the customers. The only sensible person who is right at the job is the South Asian lady. She treats everyone well and makes sure all are taken care of. I seriously think she should quit and find herself a better place where she is treated with dignity and respect.

Seeing the nasty in-humane atmosphere I purchased 10 extra bulbs so that I don't have to go back there. Not surprisingly 2 bulbs have already burnt out. Don't ever go their guys if you are in the right senses.
By ak1147514 on May 18, 2016
Verified by Email
I got pot lights and flood lights. Flood lights are fine last 6 moths, but bulbs started fusing in 3 weeks. I have gone back and forth and am really frustrated. I spent over $600, and more on gas going back and forth. Really bad quality and they were referred by my friend as the biggest LED store. What can I say!!
By Cinnamon Dormouse on May 04, 2016
Guest Review
Worst people and cheats. Jeff the owner and his wife have 0 customer service skills.Even after producing a proof of purchase, they refused to warranty. Asked for 50% of their retail price. Excuse they used was that they had changed suppliers. So it was not the same product. How is that the customer s problem? Better off buying at a reputable big box store and knowing you will be taken care of!
Comment by Lidhar on Apr 05, 2017
Agreed about pricing and quality. But The lady at the cash is the most civilized and decent person in that store. I had exact same issues with bulbs burning and warranty expiration and she was extremely understanding and helpful. She cannot be blamed for manufacturing defects, poor product quality or pricing and warranty policies. She is just doing her job.
By Amethyst Human on Jan 28, 2016
Guest Review
Had there been a provision to rate "ZERO" star, I would have rated a "ZERO". Despite Jenco being a few bucks cheaper than the competition, I will never go to the Brampton branch as Jeff Lal is very very rude and thinks no end of himself. The LED bulbs for pot lights he sold to me are sub standard. I was told they are dimmable and when used with a dimmable bulb compatible dimmer (Lutron, bought from his store) the LED bulbs fluctuate when dimmed which is what non-dimmable bulbs do. When I told them they simply told me to get them - Jenco do you expect me fiddle with the electrical stuff to take down all 45 bulbs and then put back the new ones or do you expect me to pay the electrician to do this for me which is completely your fault? I curse myself for returning the LED bulbs that I bought from Costco for $2.50 (promotion price)and using Jenco supplied cheap Chinese bulbs. The contractors go there because they get cheap sub standard stuff and they want to make money without caring for the quality of the product. Many contractors that pick stuff from him are not even licensed electricians working in the Brampton - Malton area.
By Gray Frog on Sep 16, 2014
Guest Review
They have very good selection for pot lights, cabinet lights and other led products. But bulbs are not very good quality. They burn out or do not work properly, same with strip lights.
Comment by ak1147514 on May 17, 2016
Agreed, good store. Bulbs are real garbage. For 4 years they have only one answer, last year batch was bad, this year quality has improved. The bulbs are not standard quality and are made of cheap material, that is why they blow soon. I replaced my bulbs 2 times under warranty and still they are not working good. For the number of years in LED business, they have done nothing to improve their quality of bulbs. A lot of my friends have similar or worse experience, but we all have paid at premium price and have no choice other than continue dealing with them till the warranty is done.
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Description: We are a high quality LED lighting manufacturer and solution provider. JENCO CANADA is the one who has the technological know-how to all of your LED needs call us for Sales, service and installation. Services: Led Light Manufacturer, LED Lighting Payment Types: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Check Business Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM, Sunday :Closed
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