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Fusion Hair Therapy

#680 - 33 City Centre Drive Mississauga, ON, L5B 2N5, Mississauga, ON
10 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About Fusion Hair Therapy

Fusion Hair Therapy and hair replacement centre Ontario provides hair care services which include hairlaser therapy, hair loss treatment and hair replacement services. Go to full description...

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Fusion Hair Therapy, Mississauga Reviews (10)

10 reviews
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By Prokrak on Jun 30, 2016
Verified by Email
I contacted Ministry and person I've spoken with informed me that there is nothing they can do. Did anybody received any money back. If yes what is the procedure to get any refund?
By Dalmo on Mar 17, 2013
Verified by Email

Contact Ministry of Consumer Services
1500 - 5775 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON M7A 2E5
By Cherry Duck on Mar 08, 2013
Guest Review
These people took my money and ran away now I am stuck paying the finance company all this money .... what can I do
By skreech on Feb 01, 2013
Verified by Email
Anyone recognize Lindsay?? She is John Slamko's sister.
Comment by nancypeacock on Feb 12, 2013
We need to post reviews on their new clinic before they can scam more innocent people....
By jamesknight3 on Dec 28, 2012
Verified by Email
I have been losing my hair for about 10 years and did some reasearch and first went to a company in Scarborough called Biothera. I was only going for a few months when they shut there doors from what i could tell as they were not busy and had older lasers. As I had seen a little results in that time I decided to go to one of there competitors Fusion. I was happy that they had the latest technology and the price was more affordable. I went for 6 months which helped to completely fill in the balding area of my crown. My temples came back a little, I know if i continued for a little longer I wouldve all come back. To be honest I was more than happy with the results I got in the 6 months and didnt feel I needed to continue. I've been off the program for a year and Its still very thick and nice and strong. I recently convinved my younger brother to start the program and tells me he is very happy so far. I see there are some negative reviews on here, from what i was at the office everyone gets results as long as they follow the program, and its very very easy to do that. If you dont follow what they say then you wont get the results that you want. Seems pretty straight forward.
Comment by coolwhipin78 on Jan 28, 2013
As I have made an effort to talk to some clients and observe many balding/thinning ppl while I had the chance to wait in the waiting room in there, I believe it didn't work for many ppl IMO.
I notice some bad reviews here but not really surprised.
Sure, it's easy to use, drops everyday, preferably after a bath and laser comb every other day. Make an effort to visit the clinic every week. gotcha.
The thing is, I did something not many other clients would do. I shaved my head so I can watch it grow every month. Always saw the same hair pattern growth. Other clients wont do this, as hairs longer, it appears 'thicker' because it covers more space. They'll definitely use that to fool you.
I believe the good reviews posted here are from the employees themselves (likely one person).
Good luck to you if you're a client.
By JohnnyA on Dec 09, 2012
Verified by Email
...Unless you got money to throw away.

I browsed through the internet about companies like these claiming that putting laser light on your scalp can actually grow your hair. What a load of whack! Look up 'biothera' and you can see a bunch of complaints against this company. It seems the workers there know they are scamming people but these days, it's hard to find a job with decent pay, so scamming people by making them believe in something they are not familiar with is an easy quick cash payout.

I mentioned before about Biothera, there was a segment on Global News reporting about some of the close downs of their clinics leaving people who paid without the full treatment. They changed their names to 'Hair Fusion' so they can escape the whole lawsuit mumble jumbles. Any place that advertises laser hair therapy is all the same.

This company uses the gimmick of guaranteeing you results or you get your money back. It's a great way to lure you in as they control what the results are. There is no intention of refunding as I had suffer with this unfortunate circumstance.

This Christmas, instead of wasting away money on something that just doesn't work, donate it instead to charities that could use the help to give as many children the best Christmas ever.
By nancypeacock on Nov 28, 2012
Verified by Email
EVERYTHING ANTHONY SAYS IS THE TRUTH! I posted a review about a month and a half ago on yelp and it was somehow deleted. So now, I am seriously trying to help you people out. READ THIS IF YOU PLAN ON GOING TO THIS CLINIC!

Hi, I was also a client at this clinic. And I myself have never written a review in my life. After reading this review, I realized that maybe I should do the same thing and warn people out there. I was in this program nearly two years ago and I had the exact same experience to the tee.. The three ladies that started off there, Lein, Alicia, and Sonia were amazing, they made me feel like this would actually work for me. Sonia got my money and didn't really care about me anymore but I do understand she was really busy with other clients. I became really close with Lein and Alicia. They began to tell me what this business was really about and how they were planning on leaving because they saw how much this company scammed people for their money and they felt bad. They told me that they John Slamko allowed Sonia to go on vacation so that when she came back they can just fire her and that they wouldn't have to pay her anything since they already paid her for her vacation. They told me about these contracts that John and his girlfriend tried to get them to sign saying "we can fire you at any time without warning" but they refused as did another girl that goes by the name of April. Lein and Alicia then went to open up another clinic in Scarborough together. They knew what the company was all about so they were as honest as they could be with their clients. Although, they did have to make some sales, they let people know that they can pay in installments so that they didn't have to take all of their money. At least they had two people in the company that were honest. However, a few months of the Scarborough clinic being open, John Slamko had a master plan, to reel in as much money as he could and then close the clinic to these poor unknowing, innocent people. He tried to tell Alicia and Lein that if they keep the sales up, they will remain open, but if not.. They'll be out a job. These two ladies were so brilliant though. Even though John told them this, they knew after everything that they've been through with this company that was going to happen.. They began to warn a few people but they couldn't warn everyone unfortunately. I wish I could write a lot more about this company here but there's so much more to say.. One thing these scam artists will tell you is that they need AT LEAST $1500.00 up front to cover the cost of the hand laser. I was told by the supervisor of Biothera (Sonia) that they get them for $200 a piece! The two ladies that worked at this clinic also told me that they change their business name all the time due to so many scam complaints so now when you google "fuzion hair therapy" nothing comes up. If you google "Biothera laser clinics", we have a different story. Please please please, if you are even the least bit skeptical about this business don't buy their stories and don't let them draw you in!! One last thing, they might show you before and after pics of a guy named Rod that works for their company in Edmonton or something like that. I was told that he wore a wig.. And as for you being a suitable candidate for the program... EVERYONE is.. They tell you some people aren't just like the previous review said, but they have never turned down a single person and said they are not a suitable candidate. If anyone that reads this has any additional questions, please just post and I will respond. I still keep in contact with the girls from time to time so we can bring these people down! Oh yeah, one last thing..... John Slamko writes his own reviews on yelp.. He gets the ladies to make fake email addresses and fake yelp accounts to make it look like they have good reviews..
By AnthonyQ on Nov 03, 2012
Verified by Email
2 reviews below this one are fake, I'll tell you why...
Both reviews sound like they are written by a women (what balding man would say their hair became beautiful?!) but are using men names ** INCOMPETENT. Both are also dated the same day. ** LAZY! These 2 reviews are most likely written by somebody who works there **BUSTED Probably nancy who coincidently got promoted around that time **oh no he didn't.
Now, my experience:
Point#1: There are NO doctors working here, ask for their credentials, they DON'T have any. Their only required skill is 'people skills'. The rest is training to make them believable. You pay them to make you feel good about yourself and have personal conversations to connect with them. Shame, lots of clients there are in denial about their hair loss.
Point#2: This company HAS NO INTENTION OF EVER REFUNDING. Their money refund guarantee is a scam to sucker you in to signing.
Point#3: signing their contract is their ultimate goal. They only care about getting paid, who wouldn't act nicer to you if you paid them.
Point#4: there's a rare chance it may actually work for you. NOT worth the gamble as it costs 4k, I'd have a better chance w/ the lottery.

By danieljack on Jul 24, 2012
Verified by Email
The hair loss treatment at Fusion Hair therapy came out positive! They did a great job to hide my baldness. I look much better and confident now.
Rather than trying with nutritionists, I decided to undergo a hair therapy at a reliable hair clinic. I went through the website of Fusion Hair Therapy. The ‘before and after’ photographs were very impressive. But still I was not sure about their service since it was my first time at a hair clinic.
The way they treated me when I arrived at the clinic is appreciable. They did not make me wait for long. The consultation with the doctor made me feel that these guys would help me out of the problem. He listened to me patiently and answered all my questions. I felt like I should have gone there earlier. The treatment started two days later and the laser sessions took 15 minutes on a weekly basis. The sessions were effective in stimulating hair growth. Now the bald is covered with new hair. Though I feared about further hair loss, there are no such problems yet.
These guys are trustable. I would definitely recommend them for any kind of hair loss treatment.
By marcjohnson on Jul 24, 2012
Verified by Email
I am extremely satisfied with the hair loss treatment at Fusion Hair Therapy, Mississauga. The hair looks better and beautiful now. It gave me a new style and everyone is surprised.
It was at my age of thirty that I noticed that my hair was getting thin and short. Whenever I comb, I found the hair strands on the floor which made me afraid of combing. The hair loss disappointed me since it affected my looks. The use of oil and conditioners did not help. After searching online, I came to know about laser treatment for which I got three recommendations to Fusion Hair Therapy clinic and decided to go there.
The consultation was free. The staffs at the front desk were welcoming. The doctor was pleasing and knows well about all hair problems. After a check up, he explained that the problem with hormonal changes and suggested laser treatment along with having nutrient intakes to maintain hair growth. The treatment was very effective. My hair is thicker and stronger than before. As per the instructions of the doctor, I take supplements and follow a balanced diet to maintain a healthy and lasting hair. Thanks to Fusion Hair therapy!
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Fusion Hair Therapy and hair replacement centre Ontario provides hair care services which include hairlaser therapy, hair loss treatment and hair replacement services.
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