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Bizzy Boy

47 Ingram Drive, Toronto, ON
12 reviews
Claim this business Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Detailing
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Bizzy Boy, Toronto Reviews (12)

12 reviews
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By Cinnamon Snipe on Jun 27, 2014
I had a Groupon to use this place of business. Booked an appointment, but due to unforeseen circumstances I tried to cancel the appointment and move it ahead to next week. I called and was told to send an email. The reply from the email is they will respond within 48 hours. I thought it best to send someone else with my car to honour the appointment. We phoned before arrival but there was no answer.Upon arrival they was no one in the front of the shop so he rang the bell several times with no response. He could hear talking so he thought maybe the staff had gone next door, went into the business next door and was told that they were not there. Went back to the shop and continued ringing the bell when there was no response he decided to walk around the building and stepped inside where the vehicles are detailed calling out hello. An employee approached him from behind reeking of marijuana and said that he had received an email cancelling the appointment. The employee was extremely rude and threatening. I received a phone call at 12:18 and could hear the employee in the background yelling, I told my friend to leave the premises and I would deal with Groupon regarding this matter.
I received a call at my workplace at 12:30 pm. saying that I had missed my appointment that the Groupon had been cashed and I had now lost out on the money. (I was not at my work station so the message was picked up Friday morning). These people are scammers and I don't think people should be leaving there keys with employees who have clearly been smoking marijuana during working hours. I would not recommend this business to anyone. CLEARLY DISGUSTED!!!!!!
By Byzantine Puma on Jun 10, 2014
The price was right and I had excellent results I'm a smoker, pet owner and have a beige interior and the interior looked almost new considering I had owned the car for over 2yrs and this was the first detailing done since I had bought my vehicle.
By Scarlet Platypus on Jun 06, 2014
Try to book an appointment. Staff was rude. I got put on hold then the line went dead as if i was hung up on. I called back i appologizedbto the male receptionist for getting disconected. He replies no i put u on hold. I told him if u on hold i wouldnt be calling back. He then asks for my voucher number" the last 4 numbers only" he said. i told him ill go get it. Male receptionist puts me on hold and the line goes dead again. So i call back again and he asks for my voucher number. I give him the last 4 numbers my voucher. He says to. "Thats it? Why are you only giving 4 numbers". I then told him thats what he asked for erlier. I gave the date to the receptionist that he had mentioned earlier that was available for me to book. He then replies "that day is booked"... realy?! His tone of boice was realy unpleasnt and voice expression was rude. Do not go there!
By Cerise Bull-Terrier on Jun 06, 2014
Called to schedule an appointment. (They could only clean my car in 2 weeks not before...ridiculous cause even the higher end and much busier places had earlier slots) From the start I could tell from the guy's overall tone that it was an illegitamte business cause customer service was non-existent. The guys was short on the phone, told me he won't schedule an appointment and to "try tomorrow". I immediately called Groupon and got a refund. Don't waste your time with these guys...they don't deserve anyone's business.
By Cyan Kangaroo-mouse on Feb 16, 2014
I just got a detailing done from a Groupon voucher and my car looks as good as new now. I am very happy with the service. From my experiences with car detailing services, here are some tips to avoid disappointment...
1) Empty out your car as much as you can *BEFORE* going there to avoid issues with property loss or damage. The staff would spend less time moving things out of your car and more time actually cleaning your car!
2) It doesn't matter how long you are told the service would take, give yourself at least 2 hours of waiting time just in case.
3) Read the fine print of the service agreement beforehand to avoid nasty surprises.
By Bole Squirrel on Nov 26, 2013
Well for starters I never ended up getting my car detailed. Night before I cleaned out car including removal of my daughters professionally installed car seat. Even used roller on some dog hairs I had on seat. Didn't worry too much about it as I knew it was getting vacuumed and there was hardly any left. Soon as I walked in this guy was cranky as all hell. I told him I bought the package on Living Social. He called his boss lady to tell her as I had pulled up voucher on my phone. Kept saying my name was someone else's failing to even ask my name to confirm appt. Tells me i better be back in exactly 2 hrs to get my car or else I can't get it til much later as he has to leave. Goes out to take a look at my car pulls out carpets goes in back seat and says there's pet hair it's $20 plus tax on top of what you paid. I said for that, are you serious? You have to vacuum anyways there's hardly any hair. He's walks away goes inside and says then don't pay it just go and get your refund. I wouldn't pay he said. I was like WTF are you kidding me?!?! He obviously didn't want to do the job at all as I heard him tell his boss he has a headache. Calls his boss lady and tells her to call me all the while he rips up the form he got me to fill out. I kindly explained my issue to her and said I am willing to sign off on it if you can't take out the pet hair. I have no issue with it don't even shampoo that side at all I said. She said ok let me call my guy back and get it settled. She never called him, he said. He tried calling her without an answer. As I'm sitting there he finally turned off the LOUD rap music in the background (Jay-Z to be exact which I didn't mind at all.... guess his headache wasn't all that bad to have had the music on that loud.) I can here him in the back calling her again and leaving a message saying he's no slave. He came out and said he can't get a hold of her so it's either you pay or leave he said. I said excuse me what is your problem. He started to say why don't you just whip me and beat me. I don't need to take this abuse. That's the policy he said. I said well then why did I talk to your boss lady. He said are you finished. I said what???? I don't understand why you got me to talk to her in the first place if this is how it's going to be. He said are you finished, Stop yelling at me. I'm no ones slave. Ummm I'm not yelling at all I said. I'm just simply saying I spoke to your boss and she seemed fine and was going to call you to arrange what can be done. He said I'm no ones n*gg*r! You got that. I'm no ones n*gg*r!
Never in my life have I experienced such an act of rudeness. I have never been racist nor ever will be.... left there in tears.
Such BAD, no actually horrible business! I'm still in shock over what happened this afternoon.
By gaelic on Jul 21, 2013
I purchased an auto detailing package through Groupon for Bizzy Bee Auto Detailers. The package cost was $39 and labelled as Gold package interior/exterior detail package for a car. According to Groupon the package cleans vehicles with an exterior hand wash and dry; interior vacuuming; shampooing of the seats and floors; doorjamb and full interior cleaning of dash, console, cup holders, and vents; engine shampoo; and a tire-shine treatment.

I booked an appointment for Saturday 6th July 2013. Bizzy Boy telephoned me to cancel my appointment with only 24 hours notice their only explanation was that they were closed. I rebooked an appointment for Saturday 20th July. They called me less than 30 mins prior to my new appointment demanding I arrive 10 minutes early or groupon will be void. I advised that I was just about to leave and would be there as soon as I can but that they couldn’t demand that I turn up early by only calling me 30 minutes before the appointment.

I arrived at their location at 3:55pm. Upon arrival they told me that their service was not the service I was looking for. When questioned why they said they cannot clean the engine of my 2009 Toyota Matrix due to the design of the engine. At no point prior to arriving on site was there any mention that engine cleaning was dependant on the model of vehicle.

They told me that I had to pay an additional $35 for stain removal and $5 for taxes on the groupon which I agreed to. I asked if there would be some form of credit for the fact that they were not cleaning the engine and the employee told me he was not in a position to negotiate. He attempted to telephone the owner but was unable to reach her. I told them to proceed with service anyway and I would pay the extra $40.

The employee kept saying that they were not the service they were looking for walked into the back room and locked the door. At this point he still had my keys.

The employee refused to come back when ringing the service bell or knocking on the door. Eventually he returned and gave the keys and the groupon back. I asked why he would not perform service and his only response was that slavery is over and I cannot force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do. He refused to provide a refund.
By jackfield on Jun 09, 2013
I bought the voucher from and when I bought it I thought it's value worth paying $39.00 but it's really not. The staff is really rude and didn't clean or wash my car so forget about detailing and shampoo the interior. The car as in the same condition just here and there you can see a wet patch. When I asked him that this is all dirty and he felt sorry and told me that he will do it again and asked me to wait for another 2 hours after already waited for 2 hours. I agreed to gave him 2 hours but try to show him where to clean the stuff in the car and he loose his temper and didn't do anything in my car and unfortunately I waste my $39 for nothing not even a car wash.

I want to advice that please don't buy any coupon or go to this place.
By Umber Lark on Oct 27, 2012
I'm actually friends with the owner of Bizzy Boy and everytime I read these comments, I laugh! SHE has been running this company for almost 5 years and it wasn't until coupon buyers starting coming and now there is a problem. These guys are professional and have been in business for long enough to know what they are doing. She doesn't pay her staff to take your abuse. Did you ever think they have rules to follow in order to keep their jobs?? I've been there several times to say hi and seen the crazy, cheap, and even racist people they have to put up with. Although some comments give me a laugh, it's hard to see a company that was doing just fine before coupon companies, have people say things that half the time aren't true. Why don't people who pay full price have any bad comments?? or the dealerships they work with?
By mitre on Aug 27, 2012
Like the other people have mentioned this is the most unprofessional and rude place I've ever dealt with. I basically got a car wash for $150 which still wasn't very good. It seemed as if they don't care and are confused at what detailing is. The didn't clean any of the interior its as if they took a kfc wet nap and just smeared the dust and dirt around. The cupholder and dash was still covered with dirt, the seats and mats weren't vacuumed and the ring of coffee i had on my console was still there. Horrible horrible place...honestly this place is a joke. I took pictures and sent it to the manager and surprise surprise no response. I would stay away from this place unless you want to waste your money and be tried like crap.
By Agervais on Apr 21, 2012

Bizzy Boy Rude and Unprofessional Avoid at all costs!
I just had an experience with probably the rudest and most unprofessional employee I have ever encountered in a service environment. Skinny guy with an Afro who never did give his name.
I went to have my car detailed today using a kijiji coupon and was informed that there were extra charges for an SUV. First he said it was $10 extra then it was $5. The coupon and the online deal (see link below) did not mention anything about extra charges for an SUV. Not only was the employee misinformed but after I questioned him on the extras he unilaterally decided that he would not detail the car. When I booked the appointment with Mark I was told that only taxes would be extra.
After I asked for his name he told me to " Get the **** out of here"
Cleary this behaviour is unacceptable.
As a result I will Thisbe using my coupon with this service provider. I wouldn't let them near my car due to the lack of respect they demonstrate towards customers.
By CNDconsumer on Apr 17, 2012
Awful place! I don't know how they stay in business!

It was a total nightmare!!! they ruined the clear coat my benz!!!

I'm fighting to get them to pay for the repairs now, which is not cheap!! They won't even own up to what they did.

They're only response was "it was already there". What the heck is that??

Not only that but the job they did on the inside of the care was horrible. I do a batter job cleaning my car on a Saturday afternoon.

Do not trust this company with you vehicle. Save yourself the money and headaches!!
Comment by csreso on Oct 20, 2012
My Co worker and I purchased our voucher from Deals kijiji at different dates. We then booked the time to get our car detailed our voucher num was confirmed . Same guy assisted me as the rest of you mentioned. He's rude no business ethic. He came flat out and said this is a F@@ SCAM Voucher it's good call kijiji and he was very irate as if am the bad person. He would not listen to anything I had to say. We confirmed the all Kb the phone and now I am a scam. He basically cursed me and starting to get upset I just lefted and waited for my coworker outside And she presented her coupon and was told the samething with a whole bunch of lies. He told both of us a different story also he just off the phone with kijij and they said our V is not in their system. First of all there is no number to call kijiji, I asked for number he Saunders only business can call not customers. Yeah buddy right.
Scam scam stay away from them.

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