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The Pawsh Dog Inc

59 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
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Listed in: Pet Groomers
About The Pawsh Dog Inc

Founded by professional dog trainer, groomer, and handler Laurel Skuba, The Pawsh Dog is a luxury canine care facility staffed by an expert team of dedicated canine care professionals providing a comp Go to full description...

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The Pawsh Dog Inc, Winnipeg Reviews (59)

59 reviews
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By Kellie Straub on Oct 06, 2020
Dislocated shoulder!!! We took our dog to Pawsh Dog Taylor for grooming. When I picked her up she was limping. The staff took note of this and I took her home. She was only able to walk on 3 legs. I took her to the vet the next day. She had a dislocated shoulder! I followed up with Pawsh and just found out that after concluding their investigation, they felt they did nothing wrong and will not reimburse us for the vet bill. If you love your fur baby...DO NOT leave them in the care of these people.
By Barry Kay on Aug 13, 2020
Worst customer service EVER! Booked and pre paid in November 2019 for a stay to occur on March 2020. It was the Black Friday Special. A family member got terminally ill and we had to cancel our trip and cancelled our reservation at Pawsh Dawg requesting a refund as services would no longer be required. We called a half a dozen times and spoke to 3 managers over a 3 week period (January 2020). In February we were advised that the owners approved the refund and would mail a cheque. Never heard from them again. We have called monthly since then and have been advised due to covid they were unable to provide us a refund. As this was pre approved prior to any covid lockdown, the reason for their refusal to refund our money is irrelevant as services were never rendered and we gave 2 months notice to cancel. We should be entitled to a full refund. Bottom line, this place has numerous negative reviews and obviously no concept of proper customer service. We will not use their services again and continue to share our experience with as many people as we can. Stay away!
By Lys Joy on Aug 02, 2020
(This review is for the Taylor location although I believe all locations should be held accountable if dogs are not being given water)

My puppy used to attend daycare in Brandon MB mon-fri. We bought one of those coupon books and had a free day of daycare at The Pawsh Dog so we tried it out when we were shopping in Winnipeg.

They forgot to feed my 6 month old puppy. They handed me the food when I picked her up. I said "oh why wasn't she fed?" the girl who wasn't in with the dogs said "she must have not wanted it" . I held back a laugh because my puppy has never not eaten her food. They forgot to feed her. I mean it happens, but the second stay was so frustrating I had to post this.

The second visit 6 months later-They didn't give her water to drink and there was no one supervising in the dog area.
She was crying in the backseat the whole way home which she never does. As soon as she got in the house she sprinted to the water and drank so much I thought she was going to puke, my sister had to stop her to give her a break. There's a 0% chance she was given any water all day.

She also sprinted to the wood chip area by the trees for a pee both times she stayed there so I'm very doubtful they took them for a walk as they say they do, due to not having an outside area for the dogs.

I didn't want to give a bad review the first time because I like to give places a second chance but this is unacceptable. For $25.00 a day, I'm shocked they have as many dogs attending as they do, but don't make the same mistake I did. I'm furious.
By Boysenberry Dog on Jan 05, 2020
Second time seeing Wanlu at a Petland location! Shes so nice, has great scheduled hours and is amazing with my medium sized grumpy old man! He looks amazing plus he's so happy! I will be back! Thank you, thank youuuu!
By freesudan on Jan 31, 2018
This place is dangerous for dogs. My dog was injured there, and I got no call back from the owner. It is also very unclean and way too many dogs, nowhere near enough staff! VERY upset! Tried numerous times to reach owner and was told they would call back but never did.
Never trust a place that won't let you see where the dogs actually are during their stay.
My poor pup required knee surgery, and I was not reimbursed, no apologies.
By schrop on Feb 19, 2017
Our Australian Shepherd has now stayed at The Pawsh Dog Hotel three times for two week stays. She always comes home clean, healthy and happy. Pawsh Dog regularly posts pictures of the dogs playing and we get to see her. It is reassuring to know that our "Aussie" is in good hands.
By hanselandgretelj on Sep 17, 2016
I have taken my dog to Pawsh Dog on more than one occasion for grooming. The cuts have been good however twice he has been shaved far to close to his rectum. The first time this occurred my dog developed an infection which caused a costly visit to the vet's. The next time we took him we asked them not to shave his bottom so closely. Fortunately we had some of his topical creme left from his last groom from Pawsh Dog as we needed to use it along with the cone of shame once again. Though we decided to go elsewhere in the future for grooming, we chose to use Pawsh Dog's boarding facilities for one weekend this summer. The reason we chose them was because of their around the clock staffing. When I checked my dog in I told them that he has major anxiety towards dogs and that I did not want him to be put in the daycare with the other dogs. They assured me that he would be fine as the daycare is supervised. ( I thought this comment was odd as every time I have been at the Taylor location to pick up my dog from grooming I have never seen any human in the pen with the 20 plus dogs!) When I went to pick him up a few days later I asked how he did. I was told that he is very aggressive towards other dogs. I reminded them that I had told them that when I checked him in that and that is why I requested that he not be put in the daycare pen. When they went to collect him for us I walked over to the UNSUPERVISED daycare and saw my dog mixed in with the other dogs. They would not give him to me until they found his leash. They looked for over 20 minutes to find it. At first they said that they must have given it to someone else and then they found it. When I finally got my dog and took him outside I saw that his back and legs were covered in dried urine and noticed that he stunk. I went back in and complained. They did give him a bath but that was it. I realize mistakes happen. I gave this company many chances but they failed to redeem themselves. I do not recommend Pawsh Dog.
Comment by freesudan on Jan 31, 2018
Terrible place!
By Gray Humpback-Whale on Aug 11, 2016
I bring my Puggle Chomper to the Taylor location,
Everyone there loves him and greets him by name and are always excited to see him when he walks in the door,
They always send me pictures or post them online so I know he's having a good time,
And he always naps the whole way home cuz he wiped right out. :)
By Sabrina on Aug 10, 2016
I absolutely love The Pawsh Dog on Taylor Ave. Customer care is fantastic and my dog always comes out looking SO fabulous. They also have my little one in a separate room from all the big guys!
By Orange Lemming on Jun 22, 2016
Our pooch loved going to Pawsh for her connection with other dogs....It was great up until the last couple of times. Our dog is hypoglycemic which means she needs regular feedings. If she misses a feeding she is very lethargic, her blood sugar drops and she could die. I have worked in a kennel/daycare so I know how much work goes into taking care of dogs and three adults were capable of taking care of 30 - 40 dogs at Xmas time. Each dog that comes in has a file with a history of their health and needs...its put up on their kennel so we know what they need when each attendant would come in.
Yet twice in a row, with our dogs health issue on file, with ample staff (who are supposedly rigorously trained and screened) neglected to feed her and check her file when food was visibly left in her container. The First complaint and investigation was considered an "oversite" yet the staff member lied saying she didn't want the food...I explained to her our dog was hypoglycemic and her reply was "Well, you should have mentioned that when you came in" (ARE you Fing kinding me????) I told her everyone in this kennel knows she is hypoglycemic and its written in her file if you checked. So the staff bold face lied to me....second time an "error" was made when marking off she was fed....yet you have one complaint already regarding feeding and was told when we dropped her off she was hypoglycemic. We also told them we want to be notified if she DOES NOT EAT...this means she is not feeling good. That was also stated in the first complaint. We were not contacted. Our dog has been to daycare since she was 6 months old...she is a lab...very food oriented....and she NEVER refuses food from ANYONE ! My view is this place is a ticking time dog may love this place now...but eventually you will find out the hard way the other complaints on here are valid. We have never had issues with any other daycare and she has been to three....
By Bistre Cow on May 14, 2016
My Remi goes to the Pawsh Dog on Marion. He is my little fur baby. They are amazing with him, and it shows how happy he is. I have had no issues. I love how the staff is honest, but yet professional. I dont know what Remi would do without you all. Thank you very much :)
By CallaLily5 on May 06, 2016
Love bringing my pups here for daycare! Chico and Roxy love the staff and other dogs. They always come home tuckered out with great big smiles on their faces. Awesome hours that many other daycares don't have.
By 1luvsheps on May 05, 2016
I bring my dog in for grooming and he always comes home so fresh and clean. I strongly agree with the review below, do not believe all the nasty things written. They must be disgruntled past employees or competing business's. We have been coming to Pawsh on Taylor for three years now and my pup is always happy to go in, always comes out looking great, as well as very friendly and helpful staff upfront!
By Green Manta-Ray on Apr 27, 2016
We sign our dog for level 2 training there
Our dog gets a bit excited and makes a lot of noise when surrounded by other dogs
The instructor did not like that and kick us off the course the next day after leaving a phone message, telling us our dog was too dangerous for that class
Our dog never been in a fight or bit anybody
I believe the instructor was scare of her and could not handle her, but in the same class there was a Pug that was barking all the time and lunging at other dogs but that was ok
The training room smell like urine, the rubber floor was sticky and we had to take or shoes off
In the boarding area where we saw about 25 to 30 dogs together in the same room, some dogs were just shaking, some were scratching profusely and panicking and all you could smell was faeces. There was no one there to reassure them. It was sad to look at.
We were also warn by our vet that kennel cough is terrible at this place, they do not check for any vaccination (we were never ask about our dog before taking the so call training course)
Place like that should be investigated
By Ao Box-jellyfish on Apr 25, 2016
After being to Pawsh Dog on Taylor Avenue, I wouldn't go anywhere else for Callie!

I have a very timid dog who loves people but takes really slow introduction to other dogs. We decided to take her to day camp so she can get the chance to socialize with other dogs on a regular basis. After the second stay at day camp, Callie was just very excited to go back and upon arriving she just ran right into the room full of other dogs.

The staff are very friendly and attentive. Callie goes to daycamp on the weekends, but even after the first weekend stay they have already become so familiarized with her and her dietary restrictions. The attention they give is really important to us since Callie has a few limitations when it comes to her dietary needs as well as her socialization needs. Taking into consideration that she is also 90 lbs and very excitable, the staff handle her enthusiasm (and her size) very well.

To name another plus for Pawsh Dog and their stellar service - the first time we had Callie groomed at Pawsh dog she had quite the perfect bath and tidy plus de-shed salon service. What's more is that if you wish to have your dog groomed at their salon you get a FREE daycamp stay - so busy doggie parents, this one's for you! You don't have to restrict yourself to a 1 to 2 hour errand window time because you're very aware of the pick-up after grooming. You'll leave Pawsh with a perfectly groomed and exercised dog!

Just to touch on one important comment for doggie parents out there who are worried about big dogs and small dogs in one play area - at Pawsh on Taylor the big dogs and small dogs are in separate play areas. Big dogs can rough house without accidentally hurting the small ones, and the small ones romp around and play safely in their own play place.

I could go on and on about Pawsh Dog, but I think you should just let your furbaby experience Pawsh for him/herself!
By mindy138 on Apr 25, 2016
I seriously have to question the validity of some of these negative reviews. I took my two dogs here for years prior to moving out of the province. They were always happy to go there...that is a HUGE sign that they were not abused or injured in any way. If a dog is scared to go in after one visit, that could be a warning sign. My dogs were always beautifully groomed and they loved the socialization. Many of these negative reviews seem a bit too contrived......they seem more likely to have been penned by a disgruntled employee than by an unsatisfied customer. When dogs are groomed in a facility that has large windows that face a major street it is highly unlikely that they are being mistreated or dragged around by a leash held up high or attacked by other dogs in the reception area. Don't be fooled by these suspicious posts.....I have been trying to find a similar set up in the city that I now live in but nothing comes close to The Pawsh Dog. If I am ever fortunate enough to move back to Winnipeg this will be where my dogs go again.
By Cordovan Wildcat on Apr 05, 2016
We have taken our little dog to the Marion location for years and have no complaints. He smells and looks great at the end, the staff are friendly, and there have never been any signs of abuse as some of the other reviews claim - we have left him for week stays while we vacation and we get monthly groomings. If he misses any groomings he can get pretty tangled poor thing and they take great care of him. I love this team!!
By JohnGreysam on Mar 17, 2016
We have visited the Marion and Taylor locations and will be trying the Corydon location when we are in the area. Rexx gets a haircut/bath three times a year and I have had nothing but great experiences with all of the Pawsh locations. We just recently tried the new online booking feature and found it worked perfectly. There's a reason they are the premiere dog grooming business in the city!
By DogLover303 on Mar 17, 2016
Every time we take our Ilsa there, she can't wait to get in the door and comes back a happy tired dog at the end of the day. I used to feel so bad leaving her at home all alone, but now I'm glad I can bring her to Pawsh where she can be with her friends every day. Thanks Pawsh!
By dcarmen123 on Mar 10, 2016
My dog loves The Pawsh Dog!
By GlenJoanne on Feb 17, 2016
We would never use or recommend this location to anyone. They don't deserve 1 star.

Our 2 dogs recently spent 8 nights at the Pawsh - Taylor location.

The staff 'lost' one bed AND blanket we provided. We waited 20-30 minutes for them to locate the items while we waited and no one could find them. We wanted to wait as we live 25 minutes away. One employee actually told us the only answer they could come up with was that they must have given the bed to someone else. A few hours after leaving, they 'found' our missing items in the wash. With only "sorry for the inconvenience for making you come back" as a response.

The second pillow was returned to us full of either feces or vomit - either way it will be going to the garbage. Clearly the blanket and one pillow that had a removable cover was 'temporarily misplaced' due to the fact they didn't want to return it full of feces or vomit.

Our dogs sleep in kennels every night. Not once have either of them defecated in the kennel. The cleanliness of the personal items we provided really make us question the care or lack of for our dogs.

We were told the manager would call as soon as she arrived for her shift to discuss the concerns, we never heard from her. When we picked up the ‘lost pillow and blanket, the manager was there however only said "sorry for your experience". Clearly they were simply wanting us out of the location as there were other clients picking up and dropping off their dogs.

Both our dogs have been seen by the vet due to Kennel Cough, diarrhea with blood, eye infection, dehydration and significant loss of weight. Both now medicated.

Clearly Kennel Cough is going around the city, however it is the locations responsibility to notify all incoming clients that the location has been infected!

We should have been provided with some type of report card with respect to our dogs care and signs/symptoms of their health while they were in the care of Pawsh. There is simply no way both dogs come home and both be sick instantly, yet we were told everything was fine for their stay.

We feel let down. We trusted the staff and management to take care of our fur babies and clearly they did not provide that.
By on Feb 12, 2016
Just got back from Mexico after leaving my dog here for two weeks. When I dropped him off he seemed so nervous that I cried when I left him. Two weeks later I come back and he's playing and relaxed and happy. He has much more confidence and outgoing personality. They bathed him before they sent him home, which was great. He was tired for a few days after from playing so much. The price seemed high, but they charged exactly their fees. There were no extra hidden fees for medication or bathing. Great!
By CareBear7 on Feb 12, 2016
We take Joey here three times a week and she loves it! The staff are super friendly and she comes home happy and EXHAUSTED from playing all day. She's comfortable there, so it's great having somewhere to leave her when we travel where they know her and she knows them. Have used their training and grooming also, both are also excellent.
By DebJohnson on Feb 09, 2016
We have been taking our dog Titan to Taylor since our he was a puppy. We have never had a single problem. We work shift work and these guys are open 24/7 and always accommodate us except for once when they were at capacity. Each and every person there is friendly and compassionate. We have also used their training classes, with Julie. She's absolutely brilliant. After working with a very negative trainer, it was refreshing to work with an organization with such a deep level of understanding and compassion for both us and our dog.
By ShihtzuLove on Feb 09, 2016
This place is the best grooming place we've been to so far. Although i was impressed by their professionalism, they were great at dumbing the lingo down for me to understand and they have a chart of blade lengths so I was able to design my dogs hair cut. She looks amazing. Thanks guys, see you in 4 weeks.
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Founded by professional dog trainer, groomer, and handler Laurel Skuba, The Pawsh Dog is a luxury canine care facility staffed by an expert team of dedicated canine care professionals providing a complete range of products and services designed to meet dog’s and their owner’s each and every need. In 2009 Laurel opened The Pawsh Dog’s first location, adding two more in 2012. The Wellness Centre – featuring a pool designed specifically for dogs – opened in 2013 and is the only facility of it’s kind in Manitoba.
Specialties: Hydrotherapy, Overnight Stays, Canine Sports Medicine, Biologically Appropriate™ Foods, Hotel
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