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peveecka spa

177 First Avenue, Ottawa, ON
6 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Spas

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peveecka spa, Ottawa Reviews (6)

6 reviews
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By non-member72522 on May 30, 2014
Unanswered Calls to Peveeka Spa
I purchased spa services through Dealfind for Peveeka Spa and have been trying for days to get through to the spa by phone. No voicemail and no one seems to answer their phone at various times throughout the normal work day. I will drop by the spa in person in an attempt to book my appt. Not great customer svc if trying to book the actual appointment is any indication
By non-member49235 on Sep 18, 2012
Buyer Beware
I was told the spa offered massage by Registered Massage Therapists. When I arrived for my massage, the therapist arrived late with her family.
While she gave me a massage, a child was knocking on the door. She assured me she was an RMT and gave me a receipt.
My insurance company tells me she is not registered as a massage therapist anywhere.
By non-member44888 on May 31, 2012
Absolutely horrendous.
The business does not answer voice mails. They do not keep an accurate record of appointments, so good luck finding your name in the time slot you asked for when you finally arrive. The lady who answers the phone has difficulty understanding English; this problem is exacerbated through her interrupting the customer and not waiting for them to finish their sentences. "Alissa1", below, who has simultaneously posted resentful rants about Dealfind as well as 5-star reviews of her own business, has a very obvious chip on her shoulder that will likely be reflected in the level of service you get. Go across the street to Third Avenue Spa instead. It's a lot more expensive but always professional.
By non-member44223 on May 18, 2012
Terrible Customer Service
Note: This review is only about the customer service as I was unable to actually redeem my Groupon at Peveeka.

I bought a mani/pedi Groupon for myself and one as a mother's day gift for my mother-in law as she is visiting for the May long weekend. I scheduled the appointment for Monday, after first asking if they would be open. Luckily, I called to confirm today as it turns out they won't be open after all.

The 2nd receptionist I talked to (there was a bit of a language barrier w/the first person who answered the phone and she quickly passed me off to someone else) was very rude and unhelpful and didn't even apologize for the mix-up. I tried to reschedule for any other time this weekend as my m-i-l is only in town until Tuesday morning, but even though the scheduling error was on their end, they wouldn't find a time fit us in. The tone the receptionist used was very rude and she even said something like "Well, we're full so what do you expect me to do?"

As I'm unable to redeem the gift groupon I bought and no longer have any desire to try the place out myself, I've emailed Groupon asking for a refund or credit. Again, I can't comment on the quality of the spa services at Peveeka, but their customer service is truly awful.

Just a note in response to Alissa1. After getting off the phone w/Peveeka, I immediately called another spa (Viviana Day Spa) that I'd first tried via Groupon. They were very polite and professional and were able to make room in their schedule for us. I had a great experience w/that Groupon, have been back once, am now going again w/my m-i-l and have praised them to everyone I know. It doesn't matter how someone first decides to try a business. A great experience will create a loyal customer while a bad experience will alienate them, likely forever.
Comment by Alissa1 on May 19, 2012
For what I can see you are the kind of person that looks for the deals, maybe cuts coupons from cereal boxes and ask for rebates expecting everything for free. How I mentioned before living social groupon deal find take 60% off the sales, basically you are getting a free service.

Seems like your problem is because a language barrier. If you do have a language barrier it doesn't mean the person is doing it with an intention. It seems racist please refer to human rights.

Please people stop buying coupons affects business and creates cheap people like you,

By the way isn't Monday's Victorias day?
Comment by likepedi1 on May 22, 2012
So according to the info from Alissa1, the small businesses that offers cheap services on Groupon and the likes are being ripped off. From what I see, the consumers also got ripped off too: the only party that wins in those deals are Groupons and the likes.
What Alissa1 said does actually make sense: how could you offer services like 30.00 for 2.5 hrs work (mani, pedi and massage), then get only less than half...i.e. 13.00 . Imagine you have 200 coupons to much is the loss amounted to? and to serve 200 coupons, you will need 500 hours or about 2 months and half of labour at a loss of can a business owner sustain?
Well, if the business owner did not see that,,,his/her loss... but as a consumer, I would never buy coupons on Groupon and the likes: it looks like they are sharks...ripping off people.
By lovestoread on May 05, 2012
I recently used a coupon for a mani/pedi/facial and massage.
The staff, though very nice, are poorly trained and not up to the standard a Spa requires. The manicure and pedicure were sloppy with polish left on the cuticles and too thick. There was no discussion about skin concerns and I got the impression everyone gets the same facial mask and treatment regardless of whether the skin is oily or dry. There is no towel, robe or covering on the clothing during the facial. The massage is only for the upper body ; I was expecting legs to be included as well.
The upstairs carpets in the hallway are dirty, rippling and the place is rundown. Not a great expeerience although the staff were very pleasant and warm. But not good estheticians!
Comment by Alissa1 on May 11, 2012
If you want a full meal pay full price

This is a comment from another board I want to share:

For small business owners, BEWARE!!! Dealfind, Living Social, etc. are NOT on our sides. They are 100% on the customer sides, because the customers are the one who give them money. I have seen and heard a lot of small business owners complained how Dealfind is taking advantage and screwing their lives! 2 of them actually declared bankruptcy at the end. I think small business owners need to think their margin really carefully and DO NOT take the offer to make your coupons never expired. BIG MISTAKE!
The bottom line, you have to cover your butt!
80% of your customers will NEVER go back to your place, WHY? Because 80% of them, who bought 4 coupons, are only looking for cheap place to eat, do nails, do hair, and don't really looking for the next best thing. Restaurant owners, since Dealfind always run restaurant deal WEEKLY every Thursdays, their clients will always buy the new thing.And will your restaurant be in customers' mind? NO!
I was one of Dealfind victims. When a customer lied and told a bunch of completely fabricated story, Dealfind went to his side and pestered me 3 times! Accusing me doing something that I didn't do. When I tried to explain my side of story, they cut me off and clearly stood on the customer side.
You are right, if you want to get out from the deal, you need a good lawyer and CHEAP! It is not worth your time and money to fight this big organization.
I honestly feel sorry for small business owners, who want to advertise their business, and yet, got jacked.
You have to be smart. Ask a lot of question. And remember! 50% of your coupon value is going toward their pocket and PLUS! you are paying the credit card fee, not THEM! For example, for $19 deal, you only get $9.

On the other hand, I have to admit that Dealfind, Living Social are very smart advertising tools. So, small business owners, when you really want to get a good advertising but don't want to pay a lot of money, you can use Dealfind. However:
1. Do not make your coupon never expire! Make at least 6 months or a year
2. If you can negotiate, for example, 1 person can only buy 2 coupons. Honestly, 10% of your customers are really looking for the next best thing. I have repeat customers from those 10% who keep coming back and introducing my business to their friends.
3. Gratuity. Add 18% to your service is a MUST! Like I said, 80% of dealfinders, are literally dealfinders. They will not spend more than what they are allowed. Maybe $5 or $10, but VERY RARE. and TIPPED poorly!!!
4. Goods and Service = During Dealfind suffering era (for how long your coupon may be), you HAVE TO give your best. So you can get that 10% customer retention. For any difficult customers, take notes, put mark on their name, so when they are coming back to Dealfind to $#*!ing and complaining, you have proof. And again, Dealfind WILL NOT care to your side of the story, but at least you have put up a good fight! Trust me! Even after a good deal, you still find customers who will try to get everything for free!
5. MARGIN MARGIN MARGIN, be generous when you provide this information to Dealfind, let say your cost is 25%, say 35% to Dealfind. So at least, you are not 100% burnt!
6. In the mean time your dealfinders come to your business, use this opportunity to market your products and services. Maybe give them a deal, or whatever you may think of. Your goal to use Dealfind is to get customers at your door.
7. Be prepared! The first 3 months, you are going to be hectic! Allow a space. Don't worry, Dealfinders have at least a year to redeem their coupon.
8. SMILE, BE NICE and PROFESSIONAL. If you are nice and professional, you will find less annoying customers, trust me.

As for me, I will not be using Dealfind ever again. I rather make my own "dealfind".

Hope this helps!
Comment by lovestoread on May 26, 2012
That's quite a rant!

Coupon offers are an opportunity for a company to showcase their service or product to potential future customers. Noone is under any obligation to sell their product or service in this manner. Companies know they are not going to make money this way (or they ought to) because it is a form of advertising and making consumers aware of what they sell.
To suggest that someone who " want(s) a meal pay full price" misses the point of the coupon program. I want to know if the service/product is worth buying and I can know that by how well the service is provided at the reduced price. This week I went to Westboro Spa adn Hair Studio on Churchill Avenue where I had a wonderful facial. I used a coupon that I bought online and I will return, pay full price and I highly recommend this place. No shortcuts were taken and the esthetician was well trained, skilled and professional.
By non-member43164 on Apr 27, 2012
To call this place a "spa" is a bit of an overstatement.
I got a gift certificate for Peveecka and I have to say it was a huge let down. I am glad I did not pay for it myself. Although the massage was was nice it was very unprofessional. I walked in and there was nobody at the desk after 5 minutes I finally yelled hello up the stairs and someone came down and said she was helping someone and I should fill out a form and she would be with me shortly. Then she went back upstairs. She was the only person working at the time. That's right she was running the front desk, doing someones eyebrows and she is the same person that gave me the massage. The room I got my massage in was unimpressive looked like a bedroom with 2 massage beds. When we were done there was a receptionist on duty. When I booked my massage on the phone when I mentioned I had a gift card and wanted to get the April special a relaxation massage for $60 they said is was fine. When I went to pay with my $85 gift card they did not give me any credit saying the special and what I got were 2 different things. I was hoping to use the remainder of the money for a pedicure. I would have argued but I really didn't want to go back. Mary was very nice and was doing the best she could but I would not go back.

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