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Dr. Jeffrey Brown Weight Loss MD

10 Disera Drive, 220, Thornhill, ON
20 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About Dr. Jeffrey Brown Weight Loss MD

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

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Dr. Jeffrey Brown Weight Loss MD, Thornhill Reviews (20)

20 reviews
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By Aaliyah fitzgerald Camel on Jan 04, 2018
I have been on this diet once before and it absolutely works for those that have willpower and discipline. It does not only help you lose the desired weight that you have been trying to shed for years, it also improves your quality of life and overall health. This diet was a lifestyle changer for me. I did this diet in 2013 and was able to keep all of my weight off until just recently after my pregnancy.

Within the first week of this diet I felt healthier, less bloated, more energetic and was able to see (and was told by others ) the healthy glow in my skin form the increase of my daily water consumption as well as my healthier choices in food.
I am now returning to the clinic to get back on track with my weight goals.
By Bazaar Llama on Jul 13, 2017
I was a professional dieter! Tried every diet going and then gained it all back! Over the years my cholesterol and blood pressure have been going up and my GP tells me to watch what I eat! I tried Dr Browns program and went in with the attitude this would not work. I am now down 42.5 pounds, I am OFF BOTH my cholesterol and blood reassure medicine. My GP now says that what ever I am doing with Dr Brown to keep doing it. When I met with the lady at reception she was welcoming and explained the basics of the program. She was very clear that if I didn't like the program or Dr Brown before I left my first appointment I would get my money back. It is a diet. No I cant't eat potatoes, rice, bread but that is the stuff that was killing me! When I went on holiday Dr Brown modified the program for me and i was able to have drinks and treats.All the staff has been wonderful. I have been to many doctors offices where they scowl at you. At Dr browns they are all incredibly friendly. Also unlike many Dr offices at Dr browns I can walk in at any time during clinic hours or if I need some support if I am feeling like i m going to cheat. No other office I have been to lets you do that.Bottom line is if i had not gone to him after reading reviews below it would have been my loss and the loss of my health !
Thank you Dr Brown. My husband is a little upset cause now because I am out shopping for new clothes!
By Mizlush1 on Jan 26, 2017
I went to the clinic on the 2nd of December 2016 without no idea of how the program works, the lady at the front desk said I have to pay before seeing doctor brown or talking to anyone regarding how the diet works, I was very skeptical about paying so SHE TOLD ME I CAN GET MY MONEY BACK ONCE I START THE DIET AND DONT LIKE IT!!! then encouraged me to pay for the promo which is paying for 2 months and getting 3rd month free, which I did.........that very same day I was given some multivitamin pills and sent to go blood works and asked to come back in two weeks to start the diet and take part in the orientation to12th of dec 2016, the day I was supposed to start the diet and have a group orientation, NOBODY showed up for the orientation except for me, so they sent me to see a nurse who gave me a list of food I can not eat, which is basically even food on earth and sent me off with doctor brown arrogantly telling me I will lose 10lbs weekly by starving myself to death, I actually tried it for few days until my health started declining so I decided it wasn't for me and I went to get my refund on the 3rd day of starting the diet, then the girl at the front desk said she couldn't process the refund and asked me to come back on the 9th of January 2017 because dr Brown's wife had gone on vacation and she handles the refund and then she assured me I will be getting my full refund on the 9th when I come back. I went back on the 9th of January 2017 only for doctor brown's wife to tell me its against company's policy to give refunds, discredited the fact that I was VERBALLY TOLD I COULD GET MY FULL MONEY BACK, she refused the question the girl at the front desk or let her talk!!! when i went to speak to dr brown he said he will have me arrested for trespassing if I ever come into is office again....... when I started speaking to other clients regarding the situation, dr brown's wife called the police on me...... when the police came they advised me to deal with them through my lawyers . dr brown callously ignored me and spoke to me so rudely, you could tell they a bogus organization from the looks of the girls at the front desk and the police were not too surprised when the heard my story.
By mondeo on May 19, 2016
You basically pay to be on an 800 calorie-a-day diet. Dr. Brown is an arrogant man who sends you off for blood tests every other week to try and legitimize his practice. You have to come every week in order to get food added to your diet. But really, you come every week so he can bill OHIP for the 30 seconds he sees you. You aren't allowed to speak to him unless he gives you permission. Seriously, this is the most absurd excuse for a medical practice I have ever seen. Dr Brown is unethical and extremely rude...don't give him your money.
By shyann on Mar 23, 2016
I went on march 23/16, all the way from mississauga, there break is 10.30, i was there 10.32, there ask me to come back at 11.15, i said came all the way from mississauga, i can't come back then told the stuff please just let me in, she have talk office manager, said no, then i said can i sit in you office till 11.15 she said no
rude way , i said cold outside i took the bus , dont even let me sit in there office, very rude stuff even nureses
don't expaning the food that much,
Comment by bodyevolution on Nov 24, 2016
As the office manager I must apologize for the staffs behaviour. They should have absolutely allowed you to have a seat in the waiting room. I have spoken to them and I assure you this will not happen again.
By Red Black-panther on Mar 15, 2016
I have started the program with 270 Lbs on my back, sleeping apnea. high blood pressure. After six months 202 lbs no more CPAP machine, no more BP medication and much more confident.
Thank you very much Dr. Jeffrey Brown.
By Catman2055 on Aug 15, 2015
Dr. Brown and his program are great for adults. All those people that have given him a 1 star, either have no self control(which Dr. Brown cannot give you), or they are the kind of people go into something without listening, and then get mad they don't get what they wanted. Dr. Brown is medically supervised weight loss, he specializes in hormonal imbalances, and should be trusted above any regular GP. My wife has thyroid issues due to Hashimotos Disease, and has seen endocrinologists, 2 family doctors, and Dr. Brown. Only Dr. Brown has managed to help her. His system works because he gets you healthy first, and weight loss follows. Personally I've been on his plan for 46 days, and I'm down 25lbs.
The problem people have with Brown is that he is matter of fact, and will call you on your crap. He sees fat people looking to loss weight all day long, and you walk in, having gained weight, without some medical problem to explain it, guess what, you cheated!! If not, you ate to much!! His program has been running for years and has likely seen hundreds of people come through it. Those that follow it, come out healthy and skinny, those that whin and complain that its to restrictive, don't. Personally I think $150.00/month is worth it, to feel good, sleep good, and look good. If you don't think so, go hop across the border and try paying for ALL you medical care, then see if you complain. Yes, the guy is probably rolling in it, and has found a loophole in the system to allow him to charge you. So what? Does it work? Hell yes. And once you get down to your target weight, you don't have to pay that $150.00 and by that time you will have all your food back, You'll just know how to eat better.
Finally, I have to touch on one thing mentioned in some of the other reviews. Supplements and why Brown may tell you your blood level of something is off even though your GP tells you it's fine. First, Brown gives you supplements, and potassium, because in the beginning, he's taken away all the foods you would naturally get that from, and without it, your body will function improperly, and you may end up with cramps, sore muscles and other things. Second, there is a difference between lab normals and functional normals in blood levels. If you don't understand that, google it. You GP just looks at the lab results and goes by their normals chart, Dr. Brown however, is concerned with actual functional normals. For example, a persons TSH level, lab test normals are 0.35 - 5.0, but actual functional/optimum normal range is 1.8 to 3.0. A person could have 4.5 and to a regular GP it would fall well within normal ranges, but really, it's way off proper functional normals.
It's sad that people are like spoiled children now a days.
Dr. Brown knows his crap, and I highly recommend his plan!
By cathy on Oct 02, 2014
Simply the best program around. I have tried so many programs. I lost the weight and then gained it back. With Dr. Brown I have learned to maintain the weightloss and my overall health is better. I sleep much better and I am not winded walking up stairs. I am never hungry as he gave me a routine to follow when i need more food. He changed the program when I struggled and when I had parties or wanted to go out for an occasion he gave me a plan to eat that didn't mess up my weightless. I am very thankful and I am a fan.He has a great sense of humour and compliments me all the time. I think the key is to not make excuses for yourself. He will not allow you to be a victim to food. He wants you to admit your discretion , put it behind you and move forward. This took me a while as I usually felt sorry for myself and then ate more and sabotaged myself more. Dr. Brown and staff broke me from that habit. i believe all the naysayers are just stuck in their disease and can't stop using it as a crutch. Thanks Dr. Jeff and Staff- who rarely get thanks, It doesn't go un noticed that you are all always upbeat, friendly and supportive.
By Hoda on Sep 08, 2014
I absolutely don’t recommend Dr. Brown. I referred to him for losing weight and his recommendation was not useful for losing weight and it was good only for losing money and wasting time and energy.
First, the patients have to pay for 3-month visit; otherwise they can’t see the doctor at all. This is very unprofessional manner. Second, It seems that he doesn’t have enough medical knowledge. For instance, he told me that I have anemia and I have the risk of diabetes. I was really worried and I referred to my family doctor and my doctor told me that your lab results are normal and you are fine. Also, he spends 2 or 3 minutes with patients and he doesn’t address their questions or concerns and instead he recommends patients to talk to the secretory! He forced patients to buy the supplement that he recommends and should pay 150$ for each bottle. And if patients can’t continue their diet for some reason, they have to buy the supplements again for the new round of diet program even if they have from the previous program. And he asks patient to pay 90$ for cholesterol test which is the specific test that should be done in USA!!! Do we really live in developed country that doesn’t have this test. I showed my cholesterol results to my doctor and the test was the routine cholesterol tests that they do it in Canada. If you have headache or be hungry, he just recommend to buy more suppliments and pay 50-60$ more. I think doctor Brown has his business trading not the medical office. His behavior is unprofessional and kind of negligence and he mislead patients, which these are not doctors characters.
By usha on Jan 24, 2014
I normally go once in three months for my thyroid medication. This morning the lady at reception told me i had to pay $ 450 to see Dr Brown. I was pleasantly surprised. I understand the change in policy going forward. How can they charge for the period that I was not aware of the change in policy.

I find it very unethical. I needed refill for my thyroid medication and could not pay $ 450 to get this prescription.

There is something called patient relationship.
By Carnelian Emu on Nov 07, 2013
After loosing 100lbs on my own,i was at a platue and always tired. With Dr brown i learned about nutrition and health. The bonus was loosing 40 more lbs now healthy and at goal weight. thank you Dr brown.
By Byzantine Hornet on Mar 15, 2013
I saw Dr Brown for 3 months - He put me on lots of supplements and you had to go for Blood tests all the time
It as awkward to see him - everytime I went I felt like I was in line to see the principle cause i did something wrong.
He also put me on thyroid which made me feel uncortable because he never explaine why? you have to pay $140 a month for something you caould see your regular Dr for. It wasn't for me
By Bole German-Shepherd on Mar 01, 2013
For the past six to seven months I've been enrolled in the Dr. Browns Weight loss program. In the beginning of the program I weighed about 195lbs and at present I've achieved a goal weight of 150lb and it is still maintaining.
The program did not just help me with the weight but with some medical problems that are currently rectified. For example, high blood pressure of which I had struggled with for the past five years.
The staff were very supportive and friendly. They answered my questions as concerns arose. I am very pleased to what I had achieved on this program and would highly recommend anyone to join this program.
By Kaydee on Feb 21, 2013
I saw him for a month and spent my money to get blood work and tests done. It has been 3 months and they keep making excuses to not give the results after I have already paid them. The nurses are extremely rude and it seems they are all in this for the money and do not genuinely care about patients.
By Copper Minnow on Dec 20, 2012
hi im Kathy ,im with dr jejj for about 3 weeks and im very happy with the program
By Azure Kiwi on Dec 03, 2012
After seeing numerous Dr.'s and getting no answers re. my health issues, I decided to see Dr Brown. I drive almost two hours one way, each week to see him. It is worth the effort. This man knows what he's doing!! I have lost close to 45 lbs since August 2012 and that is just an added bonus. My health issues have been addressed and I am on the mend. I have heard he is very strict and stern, but I have not witnessed that. He is extremely helpful in explaining things to me, answers my questions and been very encouraging. His staff is very helpful and just a fabulous group of people. His office is run like a well oiled machine! You may find the diet overwhelming at first, but continue to stick with it. Anything worth doing takes time and effort. You will love yourself again.
By Rose Primate on Aug 12, 2012
We have all been there up and down with our weight - each new program new hope only to beat ourselves up when we gained it back.
Go see Dr Jeffrey Brown - Weightloss Through Wellness Thornhill Ontario

I lost 40 pounds from Jan 2 - Apr 2/ is now August 15th and yes I am keeping it off and GUESS WHAT I DO EAT DESSERT!! Thank you Dr. Brown!
By Red Seahorse on Jun 26, 2012
Sounds like Dr. Brown has changed his ways now that OHIP no longer covers his service. His office was like walking into a manufacturing facility, there was very little customer service if any at all. You were a number, you waited forever to be 'processed' and you had a maximum of 5 minutes of his time if you were lucky! I saw him between 2009 and 2010 and while I lost a significant amount of weight it was based on a very low carbohydrate diet that did not cater to special diets. When I started plateuing, there was no special or experienced insight. Now that individuals are paying for the service seems like things have improved compared to when taxpayers were paying for his service.
By figment on May 15, 2012
AMAZING PROGRAM!!! Not just about weightloss but equally about my overall wellness.This Dr. is such a welath of knowledge, I sometimes got dizzy with the amount of information he gave me. He knows all the new research. If I googled something and asked him about it. He knew. My life is in good hands.I never found him mean. He is straightforward. My family doc always patted me on the head as she handed me more prescritions for my bloodpressure. After 6 months with Dr. Brown- NO MORE blood preessure medicine. His staff is so nice! They notice how different you look as you through the program and are real encouraging.Added bonus (for women) the doc is cute too.
By kathyC on Sep 20, 2011
Best program around. This is not just a diet, it is focused on overall health. Dr. Brown found many issues that my GP had let slide for years and I was left feeling tired and unwell for so long. I have been on Dr. Browns program for 3 months now and I feel terrific. I am down three dress sizes. I had hesitated to join his program because people said he was mean.Well, lesson is DO NOT listen to what people say! He has been so supportive! I can only suspect that people think he is mean when he wont accept excuses for eating unhealthy ( I had many at first). Now I take full responsibility when I mess up and then move on and forward and get back on track. Thank you Dr. Jeff and staff.I appreciate your early morning smiles and welcome.
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