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Morganstein, D Todd

8111 Yonge St #110, Thornhill, ON
19 reviews
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Morganstein, D Todd, Thornhill Reviews (19)

19 reviews
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By Patricia Singh on Jun 11, 2021
By Patricia Singh. 2020
I met Todd at a shelter, where he volunteered. I was in a very bad situation with an abusive ex.Todd had a consultation with me, he made me feel very comfortable, hopeful and confident. I retained him as my lawyer and never regretted a moment.
He was alway honest about his cost, before we go ahead with any action, he was going to take, explain different sceneries. He fought to protect me and my children. During this stressful period of my life, days when I was depressed and was not sure what to do, he listen to me with such patient and understanding, genuinely care.
My ex took me to court suing for my home, there was a retraining order against him. After court was over, Todd sit with me, wait until my ex left, Todd walked me to my car making sure I was safe. We did win the case, I get to keep my home, my ex was order to pay my court expense, and pay his child support through FRO. Me and my children are safe from his violent behaviour.
Todd thank you for having my interest at heart. You were very professional, detailed, excellent in court, alway polite. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will always be grateful to you for showing sure kindness.


By Crimson Mite on Mar 01, 2018
I finished my file with Todd and he was amazing, I didn't know how to defend myself from my abusive husband and Todd helped me through the court and I got a restraining order for me and my daughter, and he helped me do the forms and he told me how I would speak with the judge and he listened, I had to do a lot of the work by myself to save money and Todd helped me and I recommend him to anybody
By Cinnabar Mockingbird on Jan 18, 2018
Todd was my second lawyer and I also wish he was my first, he took my complicated case and made it seem simple and explained in a way I could understand Todd volunteers a lot and has lots of awards and he is modest about them and he deserves them, he helped me through a difficult part of my life and my children and I are safer, I owe him a debt I can never repay
By Azure Kingfisher on Jul 25, 2017
Todd was amazing, he listened to me, he listened to my ex lawyer, he listened to the judge, he cared about helping me and my children. I had a complicated divorce and an abusive ex. I was not happy with my 1st lawyer and a friend recommended me to Todd and I am glad he did. I read that he is compassionate and he is, he is a bulldog in court and he is, and when it came to making an agreement he was excellent. Todd's advice was as important as the way he guided me through the court and then helped me with a settlement. I recommended Todd to my sister and I know she will be as happy with him as I am. I recommend Todd to anybody who needs an excellent family lawyer who is as comfortable in court as he is in a settlement meeting. Thank you Todd, from me and Ashley and Robyn!
By Charcoal Tyrannosaurus on Oct 11, 2016
I was in court and saw Todd in court and I asked around and they told me they respected him and the judges too so I met him and hired him and am happy I did, he was patient with me and explained to me and helped me with my ex and helped me and my children, he is my second lawyer and I wish I met him two years ago when this started and thank you Todd I owe you more than you can know
By Charcoal Monitor-lizard on Jun 16, 2016
Mr. Morganstein is a one of a kind family law lawyer. You will not find him in a high end office. You will be greeted with his genuine staff and a down to earth lawyer.

I am grateful of the referral. He does what is right and fair. He is 100 percent behind your children.

He is an honest man/lawyer. He does not sit on his work. He is meticulous in all his correspondence and all of his court filings.

He protects you. Your life. Your children.

Those who wrote negatively about Mr. Morganstein are either lawyers he had to deal with on the opposite side or disgruntled wife or husband or partner on the other side.
By Rose Fly on Mar 31, 2016
II just finished my divorce. I give credit where credit is due. Todd was my third lawyer and he was easily the best of the bunch. I started off in court with a big name lawyer. The bills were big and I got nowhere. My second lawyer was from a big firm. same bill, same result. I met with Todd after a friend of mine recommended him. I immediately felt relaxed. He reviewed my case at a discount he told me what he thought. He gave me the time and attention that I needed and his plan made sense. we ended up in mediation and settled, at a fraction of the cost of court. His knowledge is excellent his strategy was excellent. I can say this because I had two other lawyers before Todd. I knew what he was charging because he was very clear from the start. If you need an excellent family lawyer, Todd should be on your list. Todd does not know I am writing this, but I am so happy with him that I do feel the need to write.
By MaryQuiteContrary on Jan 22, 2016
**SUGGESTION: READ HIS RETAINER AGREEMENT THOUROUGHLY AND WORD FOR WORD, MULTIPLE TIMES. You will see in great detail how this lawyer is covering his own butt and over protecting himself. Question everything and do not be smooth talked out of it. A lawyer that truly has nothing to hide or nothing to cover up, would never go to such great lengths to put something in an agreement, unless there is reason to protect himself and by reason I mean basically "getting away" with things only because you signed and acknowledged that he is able to "do certain things" in his retainer agreement! Instead of allowing him to protect himself, take the steps to protect YOUR SELF. If you are not comfortable, don't sign! There are so many qualified lawyers out there who do not need to try so hard to sell themselves or protect themselves.*****
First off, I find it strange that positive reviews include such statements as "obviously the previous reviewer did not hire Todd!". That is the most ridiculous, unintelligent statement, as why on earth would anyone waste their time to actually post a negative review if they did not have a negative experience!! Secondly, if you take the time to read the reviews, you will see similarities in that the positive ones have a very similar verbage or wording style!
Thirdly, generally, negative reviews tend to be based on truth, and real experiences, whereas positive reviews can be made by anyone including the receiver's friends, family, employees, collegues or even themselves! Let's be honest here, how many of us actually take the time to go online and write a positive review about a person or service, even if it were to be fantastic?!?! Unless we would get a very generous referral bonus or something, let's face it, we would not take the time to write a lengthy positive review!! So with that being said, if someone takes the time to actually go online to share their bad experience, you can bet your bottom dollar that their negative review is probably only a portion of what was bad (most likely the worse of the worst so to speak). Look deeper, and realize that if one takes the time to give a poor review, it's probably a good idea to assume that the experience was much worse than just what was written in the review...and take note of ANY poor review, even if the positive reviews out weigh the negative ones. 1 negative review can and usually is more truthful than 10 positive "fluffy" reviews. No amount of positive reviews could conceal the truth. Truth always Prevails and will eventually be brought to light.
Now, I will not share our experience in detail, but I will say that the other negative reviews resonate with me. I can relate to experiencing the same things. #1 is that this lawyer ONLY cares about $$$MONEY$$$. he did not have my best interests in mind what so ever, or the best interests of my children. Simply put, he works in a way that will allow himself to charge, bill, collect the most money. He does not work FOR YOU, but in actuality AGAINST YOU.
By Purple Wildebeest on Jan 12, 2016
I am very grateful for Todd's help. My abusive ex tried every way he could to take my children and bankrupt me. Todd was excellent at court, and pressured my ex to settle. Todd was sympathetic to my needs. He was always polite and aggressive in court when he needed to be. He heard my concerns and addressed them. I can't thank Todd enough. He saved my children and me.
By Umber Krill on Nov 28, 2015
I am a lawyer. I had a messy dispute with my 'ex'.

I heard of Todd from lawyer colleagues and interviewed him along with 6 other lawyers. I chose Todd over the high priced Toronto talent because I felt I could work with Todd. He took a no nonsense approach. He gave me a realistic assessment of both sides of the case. We discussed the law and how it applied to my circumstances. We identified my realistic goals and set about discussing the strategy to achieve those goals. I made a wise decision retaining Todd.

I saw Todd in court more than once. He was fabulous each time. I saw him in action in mediation. Todd was instrumental in helping achieve a settlement. We avoided a long trial which would have cost tens of thousands and probably would have permanently harmed my relationship with my children.

I agree that the negative reviews are old, and sound as if they are written by people who were not clients.

I have already recommended Todd to two lawyer fiends who are having troubles with their marriage. I know for a fact that Todd represents other lawyers. When lawyers in the field pick Todd as their own lawyers, that is one high compliment. I would recommend Todd as a family lawyer in a heartbeat, already have recommended him, and will continue recommending him. Thank you, Todd!

By Black Krill on Mar 23, 2015
I just finished a morning in court with Todd. Wow. I heard about his skills but it was something else to see him in action. He was calm (I was a wreck). He was well prepared. He was professional. He was persuasive. He was eloquent. The other lawyer was simply outclassed. I am very lucky to have Todd on my side. I was even awarded costs of today. My friend recommended me to Todd and I have not been disappointed. He explained things to me so I understand. He explains to me what it will cost me. Then it is my decision. Todd suggests that we meet with my ex now and see if we can work out the rest of our problems, but if I am back in court again I am lucky to have Todd on my side!
By Yellow Mosquito on Mar 10, 2015
Todd is a fabulous lawyer. He has the patience of a Saint. I was in court with my ex. We were fighting and all we were doing was spending money and getting nowhere. I changed lawyers and hired Todd. Todd was able to make complicated issues seem simpler. We had meetings out of court and settled. We saved tens of thousands of dollars and the agony of battling over our children and property. Todd always was open and honest with me.He told me where my case was strong and where I should try compromise. He always told me what it would cost before we took a step. I am lucky that I hired Todd and wish I hired him from the start. I fully recommend Todd to any person who needs a god family law lawyer.
By Cinnamon Constrictor on Jan 16, 2015
I have only thanks for Todd. He won my case. My children and I have a future without violence. He explained things to me.He always told me the cost before I told him to go ahead or not. It was my choice. Without Todd I think I would not have my children and would have no future. Thank you Todd. I would hire you again!
By Cerulean Flea on Jan 09, 2015
I was referred to Todd but was concerned about legal costs since I am not wealthy. I contacted him and found him him most pleasant. He offered to give me a free quick consult, which I thought was very generous. He obviously is very busy but still found the time to meet with me. I never felt rushed.

Todd is obviously a very knowledgeable lawyer. He explained to me different possible scenarios involved with my case. He was very patient and understanding. I wanted to hire him immediately but he insisted I go home and think about my options so as not to make an impulsive decision.He also had no problem with my getting other legal opinions. Clearly not someone interested only in my pocketbook.

I did hire Todd. He was a no nonsense litigator who always let me make the final decision. He often projected what the 'other side' would do before they did it. He emphasized avoiding unnecessary costs by avoiding unnecessary court visits. I ended up in a much better position than I had expected when all was said and done.

I read the comment that Todd often writes to clients. He wrote to me and stayed in touch. I liked that. He was on top of my case and explained things to me fully. When I forgot something we discussed, , I would re-read his letters to me. I appreciated knowing what was gong on with my case.

Todd always had my best interests at heart and I have referred him, without hesitation, to friends. Needless to say, I would tell anyone to hire this guy if you need help with family law.

By Jennifer Snow-Leopard on Dec 16, 2014
I'd like to warn everyone considering retaining legal services from Mr Morganstein. My experience with Mr Morganstein was family law. I soon found out that his only interest was money, not the children. Initially of course I was happy with the amounts that Mr Morganstein said we could get from my ex-husband. It took a while before I managed to get over the initial anger over our failed marriage. Yes, it was him that took the first steps. But I was not really without fault. We brought children into this world together, and just because we are divorced does not mean we should not parent them together. Mr Morganstein was quite shocked when I agreed to a financial settlement that was lower than what he suggested. Afterwords I have realized that he has no interest whatsoever to work out deals that are good for the kids.
By Chestnut Insect on Dec 12, 2014
I am an actual client, not like all the other reviews on this page. Todd is an excellent lawyer and a compassionate man. He takes a no nonsense approach. He kept me informed all the time. I like that. Todd explained very complicated issues in a language I could understand and was always prepared. He was calm and professional in court. The judges really seem to like and respect him. Todd is a terrific negotiator and a brilliant strategist. He saved me years of heartache, tens (or more) of thousands of dollars. Most important, he made it his priority to keep my good relationship with my children. After Todd whipped my ex in court (three times), we ended up settling.

I read the other reviews on this page. They are old and obviously none were Todd's clients. Too bad they did not hire Todd, they would have done better in court. I have recommended Todd to my family and coworkers, who vary from senior executive to stay at home mom. The feedback I hear is excellent. I strongly recommend that you hire Todd if you need help with a family law case. Better to have him on your side than face him in court.
By Cobalt Hound on May 11, 2014
I have dealt with Mr. Morganstein and found him to lack any professionalism at all. He was more concerned with trying to instigate conflict between me and my ex. Certainly did not have the children's best interests at heart.
By Violet Worm on Sep 27, 2013
Mr. Morganstein misrepresented my views to my estranged spouse/coparent, telling her, for example, that I had suggested splitting our kids up between her and me. I had never said any such thing to anyone nor had the idea even crossed my mind. He misrepresented her rights to her, telling her, for example, that she had exclusive possession of the matrimonial home when she did not. Why would he misinform his own client? To keep her feeling besieged and dependant on him is all I can figure. The more the client feels dependant on her lawyer and the more anxious she is, the more she'll be willing to spend on him to 'protect' her.

His written work is sloppy with spelling mistakes and unattributed quotes. He referred to me in a mediation brief by another man's name. Evidently he uses similar false accusations against all the spouses he works against and just tweeks them. Apparently he just failed to change the name to mine often enough after attacking some other poor father.

At our case conference, he offended the judge by addressing him without standing and the judge had to remind him of the protocal. The judge was clearly ticked off with this guy.

The briefs he authored were thick and repetitious. Each one was composed largely of material that had been cut and pasted from previous briefs.

Is he effective for his clients? He had my estranged spouse convinced that she was not going to need to look for a job for the rest of her life. She thought she was going to get spousal support and child support "beyond the guidelines", all the proceeds from the sale of the matrimonial home and its contents, sole custody of our kids, damages for forcible confinement that never happened or had anything resembling it happen.

What did she actually get? She had to find gainful employment. She gets no spousal support. She gets child support according to the Guidelines. The lawsuit based on false allegations went nowhere. I have the home (although at great expense). We both have custody of all of the kids. We both lost huge amounts of money and now have little to spare for the kids.

I know 2 people who have been represented by Mr. Morganstein and both of them have since switched to another lawyer for family law matters.

If you want help staying angry and unnecessarily fearful, hire Mr. Morganstein and see how that works for you. If you care about stability for your kids, you should consider other options.
By Violet Hermit-crab on Aug 08, 2012
The previous reviewer clearly has an ax to grind with Mr. Morganstein. My guess is, he/she lost against him in court and is exhibiting a case of sour grapes. Mr. Morganstein is a brilliant lawyer, who excels in the court room. I have been to court with him numerous times, and have won almost every time. The only time I lost, was in front of a judge who made judicial errors in his decision. Even when I lost this motion, I was granted the four I was asking for. I've found the only people who show a real dislike for Mr. Morganstein, are those who have had to face him in court and lost.

He is a brilliant mind with an excellent track record. I have been more than happy with his professionalism, and knowledge. I highly recommend him to anyone, particularly those who want to protect their children.
By Chamoisee Swordtail on Jun 08, 2012
I had the opportunity to observe Mr. Todd Morganstein practicing law at the family court in Oshawa. He stood out among about ten lawyers I saw that day, all making presentations before the same judge. He appeared to be lacking in some of the attributes of a professional lawyer. He had several inappropriate behaviors such as he was wrong headed when interpreting facts and third-party communications, disrespectful when dealing with the judge (He failed, at one point, to stand up when addressing the judge, and was obnoxious when the judge disagreed with his perception of the events.) Additionally, the judge highlighted the fact that the motion material Mr. Morganstein had filed was lengthy, repetitive and had outdated information. Mr. Morganstein was also proven wrong when he alleged that the opposing party had not replied to his correspondence. The opposing party presented evidence to the judge showing that Mr. Morganstein had, in fact, received faxed correspondence in response to his communications. .
Only one of Mr. Morganstein's allegations against the opposing party was supported by anything more than the word of his client, which situation showed his poor professionalism when exercising his legal practice.
The opposing party, who was self-represented, brought a motion forward that was supported by the judge. Regarding the same case, Mr. Morganstein brought a sort of counter-motion forward on behalf of his client. The judge rejected Mr. Morganstein motion.

Lawyers are very expensive. Look for references before you hire a lawyer and put your future in his hands!
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